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Sunday Gratitude – May 3, 2015

What an absolutely glorious week-end!  So beautiful I cannot even remember if the beginning of the week was nice or not!

It was a fairly busy week with lots of fun activities but also moments of just sitting with a book (one must sometimes force one’s self to do that, ya know!)  Played with cupcakes and icing, played with make-up and played in the dirt.

Gratitude List

  1. So thankful Mick was such an organized guy.  “His” shed was a jigsaw puzzle with all the pertinent pieces placed “just so”.  I was able to take out the BBQ, table, chairs, etc. all by myself and place them in their appropriate places.  Am now able to have an outdoor dinner party!

  2. As mentioned earlier this week, it was my Mary Kay launch, which went well; and, our little team got together so we can better prepare our .  Feeling like it won’t be such a hurdle.

  3. Made cupcakes for Cathy (36!) which were well-received.  She took the time to send me a note to let me know that she wished I could hear the compliments.  Well, that is all I needed! xo

  4. I worked in the gardens all week-end.  Well, not ALL week-end but a good portion of it and most of the left-over leaves and such have been cleared away.  Starting to look nice and tidy!  Iain helped out in the veggie garden, working hard to remove the remaining wild grasses ~ those suckers go deep and tangle together and do not want to let go.  (Ugh.  I hated those!  Sorry Mick…)

  5. I have made a few friends through the blogosphere.  I never expected this to happen.  I was just putting my stuff out there to see if what I had to say would resonate with anyone out there.  Well, somehow, I got more than that.  Real friendships have emerged through all the bantering and discussions and laughs.  I am truly blessed! xoxo to you all!


39 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude – May 3, 2015

  1. Any week where you can make great cupcakes, play in the dirt and make great friends is a very good week…sort of like the kind of week a child might have….:) and wouldn’t we all like to be children again if only for a short time.

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  2. A good list indeed. Start planning that outdoor dinner party. Of course I’m trying to figured out if you made 36 cupcakes for Cathy to celebrate a birthday or that you made cupcakes for Cathy who happens to a 36. 😉

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  3. Love this, and I am glad you took the time to find us, and be persistent, and generally be a wonderful human being with an enormous sense of humor. Keep rocking, Dale. We need you.

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  4. It has just started raining here and I was just about to plant some petunias, begonias, pansies, geraniums, and dahlias in pots with copper strips around them to stop the snails from causing havoc. Darn the British weather!
    My friend has been here all day (when it wasn’t raining) and it started the moment she left. I was also beating her at scrabble until she scored 70 in one turn, right near the end of the game.
    So glad to have met you blogging, Dale, and always enjoy chatting with you, although I wish we lived nearer to each other and could share a few meals together, as we both enjoy creative cookery.

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    • Darn weather indeed! I’ve been stuck inside preparing a meal for my customer and it’s 28 outside!
      70 on one turn! Remind me not to play with you!
      I am very glad to have met you too! We’ll just have to cook together when one of us crosses the pond!


  5. Hello Dale, I always enjoy your list! Thanks for sharing!
    May you feel safe. May you feel happy. May you feel healthy. May you live with ease.

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