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Signs of Elvish Presence

I’ve been behind in participating in Anarette’s Elvepedia and I feel terrible about it.  I had promised her that I would keep a look-out for any Elvish happenings up here in the Great White North.  So far I have not done that; I have allowed myself to get side-tracked by the daily brou-ha-ha that is life.

I did promise her a post today and dadgummit, a post she shall get!

You see, while I was out with Zeke (who, by the way has totally NOT been helping in me in my quest like I thought he would) I was dumbfounded to see that there had definitely been some happenings in my own yard!  Somehow, the Elves decided to go on a road trip of sorts, far from the usual fairy tale woods.  The distance between my home and these said woods is the equivalent of the quest in The Hobbit.  As explained in the Elvepedia, the North American elves are much smaller and to travel such distance must have been as harrowing if not worse.  No, up here they need not fear dwarves or hobbits or even goblins in this part of the world; but the various breeds of dogs and cats are a whole other matter!

And yet, as I was stepping away from my front door, I could see one of my tulips was just not right.  One side was down, as if used as a doorway!  None of the others were affected in this matter.  I went in for closer inspection and, once I saw the insides, I just knew.  The elves had been here.  There were all the fixings of settling in, a prepared fire pit to cook, some kind of soft material to use as beds.  I was flabbergasted.  I could not believe that, not only had they chosen to stop at my house, they did so, right in the front where anyone could have seen them!  Talk about hiding in plain sight!

I don’t know if they felt safe here ~ I sincerely hope they know they have a friend in me ~ or whether it was just one stop on an even longer journey.  Sadly I cannot ask them as they had already left for their next destination.  I hope they were able to find other “safe houses” along the way…

I will ensure to keep you posted on any future sightings.  I promise you that I shall be more diligent in sharing my findings in the future.

61 thoughts on “Signs of Elvish Presence

    • It’s in Quebec, on my way to the Outaouais region where my mother lives. As for the elves, one just never knows where they will pass through!


    • Hey there Carol! Happy to put a smile on your face. Life can’t only be filled with work and no play!


  1. I think you may have to set up a hidden security camera, or do you think the elves would instinctively know it was there?…:)


  2. The other night, naughty elves tried to climb two of my flower pots to get inside some petunias and pansies. They tipped the pots over and managed to spill compost everywhere. I had to re-pot the plants and move them to where my “watch dog” could keep an eye on them at night through the kitchen window and emit suitably scary anti-elf woofs at sign of any such visitors.


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