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Fiction T’s are here!

What a brilliant idea! Why didn’t I think of it? 😉

The Green-Walled Tower

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Fiction Tees Logo 2

These days, everyone on the Internet wants to gain a following. Now with Fiction T’s, that is easier than ever as people follow behind you trying to read the story on the back of your t-shirt.

Fiction T’s takes the best and quirkiest of the Green-Walled Tower’s short fiction and puts it on a t-shirt, available through Spreadshirt. 8 designs are currently offered, each in both black and white text so that dark and light colored shirts are available.

Promotion 1

Some examples of the stories:

Classic Arguments: Literary classics argue after the library closes. There is a definite winner. A great shirt for avid readers out there.

The Physics of Angels: A mother with a migraine tries to explain how an airplane stays up…creatively. Perfect for parents with young…

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9 thoughts on “Fiction T’s are here!

  1. I hate people creeping up behind me and standing too close. Not into stalkers. They make me shudder and take afright! That being said, I had already thought ahead to merchandising if my novel sees print but more in the way of a T-shirt with an image of the book cover on the front. This would gives me, or whoever was wearing one of these T-shirts, the chance to discuss the novel with people face-to-face.

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