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Friday Fictioneers – Glass Houses

Genre:  Fiction

Word count:  100

Glass Houses


“You are nothing but trailer-park trash and a low-life tramp!” shouted Louisa.  “You were born a nothing and you shall die a nothing!”

At first Marta just stared at her, eyes wide and unblinking.

“Is that so?  You’re on husband number what? Four?  Five?   You think furs and jewels can hide where you come from and how you’ve gotten to where you are now?”

Louisa spat out, “At least I have beautiful things!”

“Things? Yes, you have things. I have my Fred, and am happy. I don’t need more things.

“Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones…”

Friday Fictioneers:  100-word stories

Photo Prompt:  © Copyright Santoshwriter

38 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Glass Houses

  1. I enjoyed that bitch-fight, Dale, but am glad it didn’t end up with fisticuffs!
    The nouveau riche are often the worst of snobs. I remember some posh guy once telling me that you could always spot nouveaux riches at dinner parties after you’d plied them with loads of wine, as they more often than not started dropping their aitches!

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    • Ha ha! Thanks Sarah. I was originally going to have Marta respond with: “You little bitch!” and then I refrained. Why? I dunno.
      The nouveau riche are the absolute worst for sure. Their true colours definitely shine after loads of booze! It took me a while to figure out “aitches”… now I’ve got Eliza Doolittle in my head! hee hee hee

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      • I love that bit where Eliza Doolittle forgets herself at the races! Somewhere, I was reading that the “bitch” word is frowned on by US and Canadian publishers more than by British ones. Perhaps I should have refrained on your blog, for fear of upsetting some of your readers! My baddy in my latest novel, which is set in the next century, is called Marta (she’s the daughter of a female Polish Mafia crime boss!)

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        • Yes, that’s what made me think of it! I don’t know about that, Sarah. Seems to me the word “bitch” is used all over the place. You need not refrain on my blog, ever! I’ve used it myself!
          Can’t wait to read it… nudge, nudge, hint, hint! Just let me know when your baby is available for purchase!

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    • I truly am, Janet! It’s surprising how challenging it can be to create a story in only 100 words. I thought I’d totally suck at it but it appears not so much! 😉

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  2. What a creative take, Dale. I liked your dialogue and the conflict seems very believable. Usually people who need things to make them happy realize they’re not and then it’s too late. Well done!

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    • Ha ha…an Elephant need not worry, will not escalate to fisticuffs! (Must stop using my phone to comment as I cannot see properly… sigh…)


  3. This is great. I hope they can eventually get over their fight. Marta and Fred know what’s important in life, maybe they can teach the sister.

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