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50 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been feeling happy all day, for no apparent reason.  Just because.  This feeling of euphoria got me thinking about what exactly does make me happy?  A list of things started popping up in my head at random and I thought, why not share with you, my readers?  Not that there is anything earth-shattering; not that any of these things will cure any disease; not for any reason other than to share a little piece of me and, well; just because!  These are not to be confused with my weekly gratitude list though I am grateful for each of these things!

I remember reading a few  posts a good while ago about the “50 or 100 things that make me happy lists” and figured I’d do it one day.  That day has come!


In no order whatsoever, totally at random, here goes:

  1. Sitting with my boys, even if it’s only to watch one of our “TV shows”, sharing ideas and generalities as well the occasional “big” subject.
  2. Walking Zeke, listening to the surrounding sounds, smelling the various scents.
  3. Sitting with a friend, man or woman, enjoying each other’s company over a nice meal, a glass of wine (or not!) and wonderful conversation.
  4. Sharing ideas over the blog with people from all over the world.
  5. Colouring quietly, allowing my brain to totally shut up or wander at will.
  6. Dancing, not caring that I am slowly but steadily becoming a sweaty mess!
  7. Slow dancing, close enough to be engulfed by the other’s scent and feel their heat mingling with yours.
  8. Gardening, yes, down on my knees pulling the weeds with my hands, getting the dirt stuck under my fingernails, not because I have to but because I want to, a meditation of sorts.
  9. Listening to music; whatever music that suits my mood, from classical, to classic rock, blues, to crooner, cool jazz (not that wild stuff, gets on my nerves) to soft rock; pretty much all is welcome to my ears.
  10. Watching a movie and unabashedly allowing tears to flow because the storyline is so beautiful or so sad; so cleansing.
  11. Having a clean house ~ as long as it’s done by someone other than me!  Sorry folks, me and housecleaning ain’t the best of friends!
  12. Getting a phone call from a friend you haven’t seen in months or years which results in a lovely lunch or dinner where the conversation takes off like we saw each other just last week.
  13. Reading a good book.
  14. Lying in a hammock, in the shade, with the perfectly tempered breeze caressing my skin.
  15. Preparing and serving food to my friends and family.
  16. Sitting around a table with those I love.
  17. Exploring my own neighbourhood, camera in hand and taking the time to see what is around me.
  18. Walking in the woods on a cool enough day that you need a good sweater but not cold enough to require a coat in Autumn, the crunch of leaves under foot.
  19. Standing outside, in early morning, and realizing that there is absolutely no sound and just enjoying the moment, knowing it won’t last.
  20. Walking on a beach, collecting shells.
  21. Family get-togethers that are loud and noisy and full of laughter.
  22. Flirting
  23. Having that song come on the radio just as I am thinking about it!
  24. Hearing my boys laughing together.
  25. Getting positive feedback from something I’ve written (especially when I was convinced it was just so-so!)
  26. Sleeping through the night ~ this one needs to happen more often!
  27. Waking up, without an alarm clock, stretching in bed and realizing there is nothing urgent awaiting me.
  28. Sitting in front of a campfire, watching the flames lick the logs and hearing the hum of quiet conversations going on around me.
  29. Warm soup on a cold day.
  30. Ice-cold beer while sitting on a hot beach.
  31. Kissing.
  32. Sheets that dried on the spring-time clothesline and then placed directly onto the bed for that one perfectly scented sleep.
  33. Flannel sheets in the coldest of winter.
  34. Lilacs.
  35. Sunflowers.
  36. Real Christmas tree.
  37. Driving on a traffic-free road with good tunes playing and the sun shining (just not in my eyes!)
  38. Sense of humour.
  39. People with a joie de vivre.
  40. A returned smile.
  41. Chatting with strangers who cross my path while I walk my dog (he does usually cause people to stop in the first place!)
  42. Making connections ~ whether face-to-face or through shared comments.
  43. Authentic people.
  44. Listening to Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt, eyes closed.
  45. Having someone tell you:  “I am so happy to see you, I missed you” and know they truly mean it!
  46. Being able to help someone by listening and then giving them the words they need to hear.
  47. Smell of coffee just as I want my cup.
  48. Cool shower in the hot summer.
  49. Travel.
  50. Knowing if I dream it, I can make it a reality.

55 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. your list may fit me, as well… 🙂 à propos, I do believe happiness is a choice and a state of mind, made of tiny joys… 🙂
    * * *
    bon dimanche et une semaine positive! amicales pensées, Mélanie

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    • Thank you for taking the time to read my list! I am so happy you enjoyed one of my favourite pieces!


  2. What a great list, Dale. I haven’t hung sheets on a line in many years but always loved the scent of clothes when we did. These all make for true happiness.

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  3. I love the list and relate to many things on it… as for “Spiegel im Spiegel”- ….. some time since I heard it. It always brings me a sense of peace, relaxation…. love….. it goes along with Sibelius 2, Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis by Vaughan Williams, The Protecting Veil by John Taverner, Music by Hildegard of Bingen and Spem im Alium by Thomas Tallis in that they reach into my heart, my whole being I suppose……..

    Thanks once more………

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    • Thanks, David. I’m happy it resonated with you. Spiegel does the same for me. Your music selections are all wonderful too! I think I’ll add them to my “Feel my heart list”. Thanks for teminding me of them. ..


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    • Oh dear! I am defitely working on my next 50 items…there will surely be a spot for elephants. So happy he likes me despite my lack…


    • Thank you, kind lady. I saw it on a few blogs a good while ago and was simply inspired to do it myself as I was noting what a jovial mood I was in and what the cause was!


      • Yes, sorry. I actually didn’t expect to be on here doing all this when I began the blog, so I never thought to use my name in the title or anything. I do thank you for your follow. I am not sure why I am not following you….I thought sure I hit it this morning when I was on your site….will try it again!

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