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Gratitude Sunday – June 14, 2015

Seriously… time has just GOT to slow down!  Seems I blink my eyes and Bam! Here we are again on Sunday.  Whew!  Was a pretty good week over all.  Nothing overly spectacular but nothing horrid, either!  Some moments of “Yea!” and some of “Nay!” but not enough to cause me grief…

Finally went for my official Weight Watcher’s Weigh In (despite having signed up almost a month ago…)  Yeah. I don’t like their scale.  It’s meaner than mine.  And, since Friday, I have not been a particularly “good girl” when it comes to food and wine so shall have to starve myself from now till Wednesday.  Oh wait.  It will be difficult to go for my weigh-in as I have to deliver a lunch at noon on Wednesday…  No, no, must make an effort!  I did, after all, attempt to purchase a bathing suit today.  Yeah. Who remembers “Cathy”?


Maybe I should NOT have invited the neighbours for dinner tonight in a thank you for all the times they fed me?  After all… this is what I made them (a favourite recipe of Jamie Oliver)!  Good for the mouth, not so much for the butt… Or was it the wine that was too much?

Lentils with scallops, asparagus & crispy prosciutto

Lentils with scallops, asparagus & crispy prosciutto

Gratitude List

  1. So happy I got confirmation for two catering jobs on June 16 & 16.

  2. As I got “flushed” for an outing, I ended up going out for sushi with Aidan.  It was nice to be just the two of us.  Next time, just Iain and me!

  3. So happy that when it is necessary, I can find the words that need be said ~ all without anyone walking away hurt or angry.

  4. Finally washed my car.  Realized that I have NOT washed any car of mine in eons!  That was Mick’s job.  Though I don’t have that “guy-thing” happiness about washing it, there was a level of satisfaction in seeing my baby shine!

  5. Happy I could finally return the favour and have the neighbours over for dinner.  Bonus!  The loud-mouth backyard ones were absent and we were able to sit outside!




28 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – June 14, 2015

  1. I haven’t washed my car in eons; it still drives…. On the other hand the Florida rains do wash it once in a while. But, you got me thinking; I do have to wash the outside AND inside. I always think that I will do it in the summer and then summer comes and goes.

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  2. Wow! And you cook like a pro too? Too much talent for one girl, is my take on it! Loved seeing that Cathy comic…..ahh, those were the days…

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    • Woot! That’s great!
      Lentils = healthy;
      scallops = healthy;
      grilled asparagus = healthy; Greek yogurt = healthy; prosciutto? Well…there are only 2 slices!


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