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Gratitude Sunday – June 21, 2015

First day of Summer or Summer Solstice, Father’s Day.  Sunday!  So, to you, my Daddy readers, I wish you a most wonderful Happy Father’s Day!

These Sunday posts are all about gratitude but I must allow a little moment of sadness for my boys who are experiencing their first Father’s Day without their father, and for me, though it’s the second one without mine.  We were all blessed to have these men in our lives for the time we did!

Dad and Mick

Dad and Mick

So, on to business!  It was quite a busy week for me, cooking-wise but I did take time to enjoy life!  (But I will still tease you with some food images…)

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Gratitude List

  1. My two catering days went well, delivered on time and got some positive feedback.

  2. Was invited to Christina’s for wine, cheese and bread (uh… sorry WW, we won’t be doing a weigh-in this week!!) and great conversation.

  3. Had a most lovely evening with Tammy, André, Dorothy & Lorne; we (OK, I) made salmon tartare and André made a fabulous cedar-planked vodka/lemon salmon on the BBQ.

  4. The above folks were my guinea pigs for an upside-down rhubarb cake.  Oh, I will SO be making this again!!

  5. Had a long overdue get-together with Patti and we caught up on each other’s lives ~ always nice to share stuff you don’t share with family!

40 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – June 21, 2015

  1. Many goodies on that slide show … gotta love fennel in a salad … YUM … and that cake looks like a winner.

    Tough day for you and the boys, but one that brought good memories. …. Good Morning, Dale!

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  2. Wine, cheese, bread AND rhubarb cake in one week? Soul satisfying! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed. A little decadence should be sprinkled into every week, right?


    • Soul (and stomach) satisfying indeed… My arse needs a break, methinks! I absolutely agree there should be a little decadence every week…


  3. Hello Dale, I lost my dad several years back, and of course I still miss him. Can still “feel” his hugs though.
    Happy for your catering successes!
    Wishing you well, Carol


    • It’s something we will all go through (if we haven’t already) as that is the nature of life. I still go to pick up the phone to tell him something!
      Thanks. Have 3 more jobs to go in July, then we’ll see if more come my way or if I’ll concentrate more on the Mary Kay thing. Still going with the flow right now!
      Thanks, and to you as well!


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