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Gratitude Sunday – June 28, 2015

Another fabulous week has come and gone.  Some pretty fun stuff went on this week:  different get-togethers with different groups of friends, good food, lots of laughs, a few tears.  Definitely a good one!

Martin, one of our group, recorded one song from the concert but I cannot share it here…. 😦  So… the least I can do is share with you the same tune!  It’s too bad because Al had met this electric violinist, named Evan Garr, (with the coolest green violin I’ve ever seen) in Toronto that he invited to join him and his band in Montreal for the jazz fest.  His violin added some truly great notes to the piece below.

Class of '81

Class of 81

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Gratitude List

  1. As mentioned in my 50 Things That Make Me Happy post, I absolutely love gatherings of all sorts.  When it’s hooking up with people I went to high school with?  Oh… double bonus!

  2. Not only did we get together for dinner and drinks, we also went to see a most fabulous Al Di Meola concert at Place des Arts.  I did not see the time go by (though Martin pointed out to me about four people SNOOZING at the show!  How one can snooze with jazz guitar playing full-blast is beyond me!)

  3. Every year, Sylvain “Boubou” has a mechoui.  Everyone brings something to add to the food and I brought my Thai Salad Wraps that were such a hit the first year we went (about 4 years ago).  I was a little reticent about going as it would be the first time I went solo and was expecting comments or queries about Mick but none happened.  No one really knew so I ended up breaking it to the small group I usually hang out with.  All good.

  4. I finally wrote the first of my stories with Mick.  Now that the ice has been broken, more will be following!

  5. Brought my boys for sushi and the movies.  We very much enjoyed the Jurassic World experience in IMAX 3-D.  I think my boys are happy I like “guy” flicks!

37 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – June 28, 2015

  1. That’s a pretty diversified week, lots of different things going on. I’m sure your boys, as you mentioned loved the fact you’re not just a “chick flick” kind of woman. Glad you had a good week, Dale.

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  2. Good Morning, Ms. Dale. I must say that your feet don’t seem to be standing in one place very long. Good for you. Thai Salad Wraps sound like a winner to me. Cheers to Al Di Meola!


  3. A green violin, huh? Would’ve liked a pic of that! 🙂

    I love your Gratitude Sundays posts…….a very good way to keep up with what you’ve been into!

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