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Friday Fictioneers – Did You See the Light?

Genre:  True Story

Word count: 100

Did You See the Light?

© Stephen Baum

We took turns visiting Dad in the hospital. One morning, Tracy walked into Dad’s room and he was having what looked like a seizure. Arms flailing, gasping for breath, the hospital staff trying to calm him down and replace the oxygen mask. It was a horrible thing to witness. Tracy felt so helpless.

“Why, oh why do these things always happen when I’m visiting alone?”

When all was as back to normal as it could be, Tracy looked at Dad and said: “So, Dad, did you see the light?”

He smirked and said “No”.

“Soooo… then… did you see flames?”


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Photo Prompt:  © Stephen Baum

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57 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Did You See the Light?

    • Thanks. He said he didn’t see flames either! He was funny, my Dad… we all three sisters inherited his funny bone!


  1. Great surprise at the end! Had to check it was a true story – even better!
    I’ve always liked the idea that Terry Pratchett uses that we go where we expect to go – there’s no way you’d get my Dad into the logical inconsistency of a heaven or a hell.

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