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Sunday Gratitude On a Monday – July 13, 2015

I was so enraptured by participating in Frank’s “Alternate Ending Challenge” and reading the other submissions that I completely forgot to write my Sunday Gratitude Post!  OK, OK, I lie.  Truth be told, I don’t like to post more than once per day so I made the decision to play with Frank and his readers rather than write my little weekly post.

So, after a week that felt like I never left the kitchen other than to shop for more food or deliver the goods, I can officially say I’m glad to sit on my duff and just breathe.  Plus, it’s been +30ºC with a humidex making it feel more like 36ºC (that’s 100ºF for you Americans…) and my pool is dead ~ for now ~ that about all I have the energy to do is exactly that.  Sit on my duff. 😀

I was supposed to participate in Joy’s photo class and haven’t been out to take a single shot so far!  I have to check, but I think they are already finished… 😦  No matter, I was participating as an alumni, but still.  I did manage to go in and see what was going on a bit… sigh…


Gratitude List

  1. I’m getting quite good at organising my time with the catering thing.   Tuesday and Wednesday, I had both breakfast and lunch to deliver so that meant a lot of going back and forth and needing to be most prepared.  I delivered everything on time.  Woot!

  2. Got great feedback on all the food, even the carrot cake I, um, had “issues” with!

  3. Iain started his new job as busboy in a restaurant, which meant getting him dressed for the job.  We found all we needed at one store.  So happy!

  4. So nice to get away for a coffee with Tonia on Wednesday after my last delivery.  Hell no!  I did NOT want to have coffee at MY house; I did NOT want to look at that kitchen for a couple of hours! She gracefully agreed that coffee would be much better at Starbucks!

  5. Had a lovely dinner at Dominique and Mario’s, sitting on their balcony, enjoying their fabulous company, delicious food and wine, enhanced by the most perfect breeze, helping to, not only keep us cool, but keep the bugs at bay as well!  (Apparently Chicago is not the only “Windy City”; Lachenaie is pretty darn breezy too!)

  6. Though Robert was not successful in fixing my pool, I am so very grateful he came over and tried, despite his being tired.


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    • As far as coffee places go, it is not my favourite ~ but between that and Tim Horton’s, I will always choose Starbucks (which is a “crime” in Canada! 😉)

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  1. Dale, delighted you had a good week. Those photos are magnifico and making me reach into the screen in hope!
    Do you think foodiness and catering in going to be passed down the generations?

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    • Thanks…just a little teaser of the 6 meals I’ve prepares in the last week and a half!
      It’s what I’m best at, Frank. Call Ms. Engaged!

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    • Apologies, dear George! I was going to write what each one was and then forgot… my bad! So… you figured out the cheese and fruit (good on you!), middle left is a carrot and coriander salad, to the right of that is baby bok choy with fig and port goat cheese and a candied pecan, bottom left is mini Pavlovas (meringue with whipped cream and fruit) and bottom right is strawberry-rhubarb muffins!

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