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Friday Fictioneers – Vision Board

Genre:  Fiction

Word count:  100

Vision Board

©Sandra Crook

Every December, it was the same thing.  During her Christmas shopping, Dana would find herself at the calendar kiosk in the mall, looking for a calendar of Burgundy, France, depicting beautiful images of the area she so longed to visit.  It had become a ritual.  This was, after all, the fifth year that she had such a calendar hanging in her kitchen where she could look at the images daily.

When asked about it, she explained that this was a vision board of sorts. Once she finally made it to Burgundy, a new destination would be chosen.

Next up, Tuscany!

 100-Word Stories:  Friday Fictioneers

Photo Prompt:  Copyright © Sandra Crook

86 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Vision Board

    • I should have called this a true story as I have had a Tuscan calendar in my kitchen for five years… but the photo was from Dijon so… I fudge a little!


  1. Dear Dale,

    I like the idea of a vision board. I hope you realize your dream, soon. I have two photos on my wall, over my desk that you could call my vision boards. One is of Diana Nyad who swam from Cuba to Florida at age 64 and the other is of Geraldine Brooks, my favorite author of historical fiction.



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  2. My wife gets home improvement magazines in the mail and ogles over the photos of decorating ideas and projects “we” could do. The other night I caught her going through an idea book with our young granddaughter. “Don’t pollute her young mind!” I scolded. They just smiled and kept right on flipping pages.

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    • Ha ha! I have continued liking in this forum (though I almost always leave a comment too).
      I’m telling ya, Janet, I will make it there sooner rather than later!


    • Well…not the same one but a new version of the same place! It is definitely not a passing fad (as I return to my book “Every Day In Tuscany”…)

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    • All over my house ~ OK, not ALL over the house, but in the places I find myself most often, i.e. kitchen and office, there are images of, yes, you guessed it, Tuscany! Plus I am reading the third book by Frances Mayes “Every Day In Tuscany”. Obsessed much? I think not!

      That said, I have started a board with images of the areas my favourite bloggers live in and yes, Cincinnati is on there. You just don’t know when, but I will come knocking on your door, Frank! (Once I’ve gotten your address out of you…) Hope you’ll open it! 😀


      • Tuscany is a good choice. Much bigger region than one may realize … loaded with tourist sites and hidden gems … along with my family.

        Board with images of fav bloggers is a cool idea. Of course, you are welcome here … well, pending Right Angle’s approval.


        • Oh great. So all you have to do is introduce me to your family, Frank and I’ll have them fall in love with me, take me in and show me around. I’ll help out in the kitchen and absorb all the Italian mama’s wisdom.
          How can right angle not love me? I’ll cook for room and board… 😀 And I think it’s a cool idea too!


          • Love the cool for room and board … that’s a hoot! Meanwhile, so many places in Tuscany to take in … my fav non-tourist attraction town is Bagni di Lucca … in touches my heart for whatever reason. Search it on Google Images.


          • I’m sure you meant cook; though I am totally cool too 😉 Bagni di Lucca is definitely on my list of places to see. I think I shall have to do like Diane Lane, or like Frances Mayes, and just move there. Or at least make some kind of arrangement so I can spend a few months exploring.


          • Didn’t have to. Not the first time you mention it so it had been searched prior to this “conversation”! 😉 Seriously. It is a huge region and there are so many places I want to visit. When I think that three years ago this coming August, I had plane tickets in hand to go… sigh… Thankfully we had taken travel insurance because my father got really ill. I would not have enjoyed my trip knowing my father was on his last months.

            And not so seriously: But I’m cool too, eh?


          • Bummer about the cancelled trip, but yes, the right thing to do. I just love the small towns & small cities. Two great sites are in the sidebar … in the Bs … both with Bagni in the title … Debra is an Aussie who spends time there, and frequently comments here.

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          • Yeah…it was the right thing.
            Me too. You can feel the character of a small place.
            Will check them out (if I don’t already!)


  3. What a great idea. Dana will make it to France, and you will make it to Tuscany… and I should start plastering my place with images of Vancouver Island… that’s where I would like to be for the rest of my days.

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  4. My dream board is Tuscany but I’ll add Burgundy as long as I’m dreaming. It isn’t a bad idea to have a visualize your dreams. Great reminder that if we wish hard enough and visualize something it might just come through. Very nice take on the challenge, Dale. 😍


  5. Another 100-word story…..I can’t even fathom the idea of a 100-word story. I would never be able to do it! Awesome, Dale….the story and the travel idea…..


      • I talk way too much, Dale, and it’s worse when I write…….on and on I go….now 1,000-word story….that’s more my range!


        • Um. We haven’t formally “met” but when we do meet “live”, you will see that it will probably become a talk-fest of epic proportions. I sometimes come away from an evening wondering if anyone else besides me spoke!

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  6. What a lovely idea. We do tend to gravitate to certain things and places. Mine is Tahiti. If I ever get there I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Tuscany won’t disappoint, I’m sure. I’ve only made quick trips on my visits to Rome, but it is a very lovely place

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  8. Good story, Dale. My best friend is doing exactly this to inspire herself to lose weight so she can truly enjoy traveling wherever she wants to go. Her goal is Alaska, followed by France.

    As an aside–I have to admit that your title terrified me for a moment. Not your fault, of course, but a year or two ago, I had an online client request about 30 spins of an instructional on how to create a vision board. Usually spins are the easiest web content to create, but her requests for that particular project were . . . well, “memorable” is one way to put it.



    • Thank you, kind sir!
      I’m sure it does work. I will tell Dana that I have it on good authority that AnElephantCant/Brian/C.E.Ayr said so! 😉
      After all, look at you! A Scot loving his life in France!


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