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Gratitude Sunday – July 19, 2015

The days seem to flow one into the other, no distinct beginning nor end.  Must be summertime!  I can’t seem to make it to bed before 1:30-2:00 a.m. and, when nothing is on the agenda, with no alarm clock to wake me, I don’t get up before 8:30-9:00 – and on really lazy days, 9;30.  I’m taking advantage of this particular rhythm while I can – before reality comes back to bite me in the butt and I find myself needing to rejoin the official workforce in some capacity.

This is the week-end that we would have found ourselves packing up the trailer, getting all frazzled while trying to ensure we didn’t forget anything, doing any last-minute stuff, tempers flaring (why oh why did preparing to leave for two weeks always bring out the worst in everyone?) to finally leave for two weeks of camping in Cape May with my sister and her family and whichever friends decided to join us.  Said sister is down there as we speak and there is a little wistfulness on all our parts that that particular era is over.  I’m taking the boys and Zeke to my mother’s for a few days of beach, fishing and do-nothing!

Its a Bedard Sangueech

Past and Present  “The Bédard Sangweech”

Gratitude List

  1. Last Saturday when I mentioned my pool woes to my friend Mario, he, first gave me shit for not calling him, then told me he would pass by and see what he could do.  Well he could do all right!  I now have a functioning pool that cost me a mere case of beer!

  2. My lovely neighbour Ivan stepped in and offered his hose to help fill my pool.  It’s only 15′ in diameter but two hoses went a heckuva lot faster than one!

  3. I finally treated myself to a much-needed massage and have realised that I will be needing a few more treatments as my shoulder has been particularly achy.  Merci Martine!

  4. Got invited to a BBQ on Saturday at Giselle & Dany’s.  What a great group of friends they have and all made me feel welcome.  To think 34 years ago, Dany was my prom date!  Thanks for inviting me, Gigi!

  5. Got my chicken delivery from Serge and Elise and they even ordered a lunch for three!  Better still, I got an email from Serge telling me they totally enjoyed it.  So great to get feedback like that!

37 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – July 19, 2015

  1. Whew! Another great week with so many friends to be grateful for. You somehow still manage to have quite the full life (even on a budget! LOL!) Hey, do hope that shoulder fixes up for you quickly….don’t catch any huge fish and possibly reinjure it……as a matter of fact that can be your excuse…”Oh, I’m only going after the small ones…don’t want to aggravate my shoulder anymore…”

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    • I always say it’s doable! Please. I’m not the one going fishing! That’s what grand-fathers are for! Shoulder has been trouble for 3 years (since I fractured my arm breaking wood in karate – a story for another time!)


  2. Great friends, Dale. You are so very fortunate to have so many good ones in your life. I hope the shoulder feels better but now I’m curious about the karate injury..:)

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