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Sunday Gratitude – July 26, 2015

I cannot believe my boys were both willing to go “up north” (really is north-west, if we wanna get technical) to my mother’s in Lac-des-Plages.  It is funny how life happens.  We (the sisters) used to go up north to our grand-mother and now our kids go up to visit theirs!  We never would have expected this to be the case but it is so, and I get a kick out of it.

Another wonderful week has come and gone in the blink of an eye!


Gratitude List

  1. So happy my boys agreed to go up to Mom’s for a few days (I remember when I was 15-17 and I didn’t feel like going up any more…)

  2. Was great to see my cousin Alyson, her husband, Eduardo, her brother Peter and my great-aunt (her mother) Gilberte, my aunt Nicole up at my mom’s as we rarely see them.

  3. Sooooo happy it is Quebec’s “Construction Holiday” as I didn’t get off where I should have and ended up crossing the city at rush hour – which was minimal as everyone’s on vacation!  Otherwise it could have taken me three instead of two hours to get home.

  4. Love that my cousin Marc ordered a “Brutus” cake for his buddy and it turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so meself!

  5. Julie came over to pay for her MK stuff and stayed ~ for a glass or more of wine ~ till her friend Kelly came to join us ~ till their husbands came to get them and then asked me to join them at their house for dinner.

  6. I totally lost control of my pool (green is such a nice colour, when it’s not the colour of your water!!!) and Robert kindly shocked it for me.

34 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude – July 26, 2015

  1. Glad you had a good visit with your Mom and family and that the boys went along. Even nicer that you gave a construction holiday there. I’m just curious..what exactly us a Brutus cake?

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  2. Wine with a friend turning into more wine with more friends, and then into a dinner invitation that you didn’t have to cook … oh wow … that’s a good day! Plus, I’m with George, what’s a Brutus cake?

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  3. Love that Brutus cake up there in the pix! How fun! Sounds like another very good week and how nice to find out you’re raising 2 nice sons who appreciate their family!

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    • Thanks, Torrie! The birthday boy apparently looks like him (but not as mean!) And was quite pleased with it.
      I cannot tell you how important it is to me that they appreciate the whole extended family!

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  4. Thanks for inviting us along. I know how special it is that your sons joined you at an age when too many would not. Lovely phitos, and what a ‘brute’ of a cake !!

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  5. Your family and friends sound like wonderful fun. It is special that your sons were willing to go visit their grandmother. My oldest grandson was sixteen two weeks ago and his mother still has not pinned him down for a date for his family to celebrate with him. I know it will be a fine occasion whenever it happens. 🙂

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    • It becomes more and more difficult to drag them anywhere!

      I remember well no longer wishing to go up when I was 16 (until they allowed me to join them at the hotel!) The aunts and uncles and grandmother used to go out dancing and I had to stay and babysit before!


  6. Isn’t it amazing what a dose of family will do for you? I saw mine this past weekend and realized it needs to happen more often despite the miles:). So glad you got in a little R&R.

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    • It really is! I’m very close to my sisters and we get together as often as we can but we don’t see our Mom as often as she’s 2 hours away. R&R feels so good!

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  7. This is so wonderful Dale,
    Being grateful is very necessary no matter how daisy life seems somethings, we will always find so many things we’re thankful for.

    I’m also thankful for so many things especially for the place and level i found myself today.

    A nice blog you’ve got here.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    • Well thank you, Theodore! Very kind of you to say and thanks for stopping by and letting me know you enjoy my blog!


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