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Friday Fictioneers – Light Collection

Genre:  Fiction

Word count:  100

Light Collection

©G.L. MacMillan

She’s been collecting these bottles what seems like ages. She loves the way each one catches the light, reflecting a rainbow of colours, evoking the memory of where each one originated, or where she thought they originated. She truly felt that each one had its own soul.

Garbage? How could anyone call them garbage, insisting they should just be tossed into the recycling, instead of taking up space on the porch? Each was filled to the top with love! Would the sun bother to kiss each one, helping shine their light on all if they were garbage?

One man’s trash…

100-Word Stories:  Friday Fiction

Photo Prompt:  © Copyright G.L. MacMillan

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63 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Light Collection

  1. Charming! I share her passion for bottles and know far too well the ‘one man’s trash’ habit of acquiring 😀. I use my bottles in a grouping for single stem flowers.

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      • I love moving because it makes purging easy for me (it feels SO cleansing).

        That said, you are in a different circumstance moving for the first time without your Hub by your side. That brings a whole new -some good; some really hard – emotion to your task. I would most likely hold onto a few more things than usual.

        Keep us posted on how you are doing.

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        • Fear not! I cannot help but share!
          And yes, perfect opportunity to cleanse. Definitely not an easy task but one that is necessay and will liberate, of that, I am convinced!

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  2. Collectables are a thing of the past for me. But, I do remember going to flea markets, yard and estate sales. I used to pick up the discards from others and then suffer the ordeal of keeping them dust free. No More !!! The chains have been removed. LOLOL
    I don’t mind admiring them in homes I visit but they are no longer in mine. Now, if I could just do that with books. Nnnnnooooo !!!!! 😳
    You know this is a good story when you get me babbling on. 😀

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  3. Great story, I so can relate. I love beautiful old glass and would collect and collect, if only I had space. Alas, the space I have is filled with books and stones.

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  4. I believe some antique and hand-made bottles fetch fine prices at auction. The Codd’s bottles sell for over £100 each. So few survived the lads, smashing them to extract the sealing marbles.
    Good piece.

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  5. I imagine most collectors feel the same way about their treasures, and bottles on the porch look so lovely in the sun. As long as the sun doesn’t get focussed through one of them and catches her house on fire 🙂

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  6. Dear Dale,

    My husband had an aunt who collected salt and pepper shakers. It was the most amazing collection of anything I’ve ever seen. I’d bet she felt the same way about them as your MC did about her bottles. Nicely done.



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  7. Love your take on this! I believe in upcycling everything if you can. Many glass bottles can be used as pretty vases. I have a blogging friend who uses green Perrier bottles with just one single stem in them to decorate with. And it’s beautiful!

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