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Gratitude Sunday – August 16, 2015

So, without announcing anything and without truly planning it, I took a little two-week break from writing.  Why?  I cannot say.  I’d sit down at the computer and read all (OK, not ALL but many) of my favourite bloggers and left comments here and there so I didn’t disappear completely.  Just couldn’t seem to get my writer’s mojo going (not for lack of subjects, just for lack of oomph).

A certain pink pachyderm has wondered about me and let me know that I was missed so, well, here I am.  I couldn’t really stay away longer much than that anyway.  Unless some knight in shining armour whisks me up and takes me away to Tuscany where I shall have no time to write as I will be in some Nonna’s kitchen, learning the proper way to make pasta and, when not in her kitchen, will be visiting various vineyards learning about this and that grape and the process of making such delicious libations, and, when not there, maybe I’ll be in some olive grove, picking the perfectly ripe olives so that they may be cured or pressed into EVOO…. OK… I think you get the point.  I’m back and not going anywhere!

Gratitude List

  1. Had a wonderful time at Tammy and André’s for T’s birthday and was pleasantly surprised to find Phany & Bill as well as Dorothy & Lorne already there.  Happy my little something sweet to end the meal with was big enough…
  2. Will forever be grateful to Paul and Armen for bringing my boys fishing for the week-end in honour of their father, Mick.
  3. Since my boys were away… I had a choice:  Stay home and do whatever the hell I felt like (oh wait, I already do that) or I could finally accept Jeff’s nagging offer to go up to his cottage on Rice Lake for some R&R.  Other than a bit of rain, the weather was perfectomundo!  Plus, I didn’t have to cook a single meal… well, I did make a grilled corn salad.
  4. Zeke very kindly did not puke in my still-new car (I was a tad worried as he hasn’t been the best passenger for long rides lately!)
  5. I’ve managed to keep my pool sparkling clear for a whole two weeks!  Nary a sign of green anywhere (except the spotlight 😉 )
  6. Took my boys to see “Pixels” and of course that included a sushi dinner.  We enjoyed both.  Mick was a huge arcade guy so he would have loved the movie…


57 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – August 16, 2015

    • I never pay attention to the haters/critics! I’m just so happy Mick had shown these games to our boys so they appreciated it (though they’ve never really had the arcade experience…like in the “old” day!)
      I must admit it felt weird but necessary to take a break!


  1. Oh, I have been wondering where you’ve been! Happy to see you back on here. Stunning sunset pic and most happy to hear about clean pool water! Another wonderful week.

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  2. I’ve (finally) been at this long enough not to get whacked out by guilt or anxiety when the writing doesn’t happen. It comes when it comes, and in the meantime moments are for living, not fretting. Nevertheless, it’s good to hear your voice 😊

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