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Gratitude Sunday – August 23, 2015

After a two-week hiatus, back to my Sunday Gratitude ~ not that I haven’t been grateful all this time, just haven’t written them down here in this blog!

It’s still a whirlwind of adjustments, waiting, learning to do things, and coping with Estate crap while still moving forward.  I’ve been learning new skillz (such as trimming trees and hedges and bushes)!  The pool is almost always clear ~ so hard to do in this heat and humidity but I managed to keep it from getting to the point of no return.  The front yard has been tackled and is almost picture-perfect.

I am so looking forward to the school year starting so that I can back into a normal rhythm.  These late nights (chatting till 2:00 am!) and late wake-ups (often past 9:30 am) are wreaking havoc with my inner clock!  Need to bring things back to some sort of normal.

Gratitude List

  1. Feels great to be writing my blog again and reading all the great comments left by my readers.

  2. So happy to Skype with Ms Raye and catch up on each other’s happenings.

  3. I love when a friendship pops out of seemingly nowhere ~ starts with a simple hello and next thing you know you are chatting away till the wee hours of the morning.

  4. Thanks for letting me use your face, Tonia, for my MK makeup class.  You look beautiful! (Not just because I did a fabulous job… 😉 )

  5. Speaking of Tonia, what a short and sweet run we had.  Too bad you didn’t pick up Christopher sooner so you could stand in my doorway for an hour while your car was running.  We had to meet so soon to your moving to Edmonton.  Thank goodness we have FB!!

  6. And who would not love that wrap?  I swear I could (and often do) eat one every single day!  Roasted pepper hummus, avocado, broke yoke fried egg, tomatoes… Yum!

51 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – August 23, 2015

  1. We didn’t talk about that “wrap”….and we should have. Don’t lose that recipe…we can fix that for lunch…at Frank and Mrs. Right’s house when we visit. I love it when a plan keeps coming together……

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    • Thanks! I like to focus on the good! The one(s) I am talking to are not going to school…they are friends who have to get up to go to work, though! My boys are going back to school next Wednesday. Can you say YAY??? Mind you, they are now old enough to just do their own thing but will be nice to get back to a proper beat.

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    • Are you a teacher? They are the ones who dread it the most!! My sister is so not looking forward to next week either. Definitely yes to friendships!


  2. Am loving the rhythm you have, even when you feel you don’t have one:). Your posts feel solid, grounded and optimistic. No surprise, considering I view you that way!


  3. Hello Dale, I always enjoy your “gratitude” posts. I do hope that you can get your schedule under control. I’m retired, and it’s still hard for me. Wishing you well, Carol
    P.S. A question about MK – do you sell by mail?

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