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Sunday Gratitude – September 6, 2015

September!  Though I am loathe to leave Summer behind, I always look forward to Autumn.  It is, after all, my favourite season.  I love how the circle keeps on turning:  come Spring, you just can’t wait to change the menu to the summer stuff of salads, barbecues (yes, I know, lots of people barbecue in the winter but it just ain’t the same, ya know?), lighter meals; by the time September comes along, I am ready for those casseroles and warming foods.  And so it goes. Though, to be honest, when it is 33°C with a humidex of 40°C, turning the oven on just does not appeal to me just yet!  Air-conditioning, or no!

How crazy is it that I went out for lunch every day this week!  I’ll say like my sister, at this rate, I’ll never be rich and I’ll never be skinny… (have to make some adjustments to that statement before the Universe catches on…)

You can’t appreciate the happy without experiencing the sad but in this here weekly post, I focus on the happy!

We had a battle of the “sticks” on Saturday (GoPro Cameras), so both of their group shots are here for comparison!

Gratitude List

  1. I was truly lucky to lunch with three fabulous ladies this week  All of them way overdue.  Michèle, Martine, and Caroline:  how nice to spend two, three and five (!) hours with each of you!

  2. Tracy, I’m not dissing you!  You are always fabulous and  I always enjoy our lunches; hadn’t had a Tournesol lemongrass soup in years!

  3. I was happy to introduce my boys to the Barbú restaurant for a lunch before the return to school… and the reality of lunch-making and alarm-ringing!

  4. So extremely lucky to have Daniel as a friend who counsels me with legal and financial stuff and makes me feel confident in my future.

  5. Martin.  Talk about the Host with the Most!  A small group from our Class of ’81 (Martin, Dany, Marc, Sylvie, Dominique and I), a couple, who just belonged in our group (Thierry & Sophie) and the spouses (Giselle, Caroline & Robin) were received like royalty:  a trimaran ride (merci, Paul! (Martin’s dad)), delicious food ~ we were 11 people:  I think Martin could have fed 25! great music and a little by-the-river send-off of Chinese lanterns, carrying our wishes off…  Seriously, not one thing could have be improved upon!

  6. I finally got to try the Argentinian recipe I had watched on Gusto TV ~ been waiting for weeks!  So excited to have everyone try it, I forgot to take a picture!  D’oh! As a result, I’m not even telling you that it was a delicious duck prosciutto, served with lemon curd, cured red onions and pears stolen from Martin’s neighbour…. shhhh!


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    • Ha ha! Hear ya! As a good friend of mine says (Wise words from her mother): comes a time in a woman’s life where you have a choice to make: it’s the ass or the face. Can’t be both!!!


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