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Friday Fictioneers – Ripples

Genre:  Supposed to be fiction but is not

Word count:  100


©Jennifer Pendergast

©Jennifer Pendergast

It was so peaceful on the lake. The couple paddled in silence, enjoying the quiet morning sounds, breathing in deeply.  Their relationship was still in its infancy and they had no idea what lay ahead for them. Life was grand.

They stopped paddling and coasted towards a deserted beach where a natural screen of tall grasses protected them from any potential prying eyes.

They sat, watching the ripples come and go; dreaming of their future, not knowing there would be births, deaths, incidents, adventures and always, love.

She still cannot grasp there will be no more such moments, just memories.

100-Word Stories, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Photo Prompt:  Copyright © Jennifer Pendergast

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83 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Ripples

  1. You did well on this, Dale. It sounds like you and Muck had the same wonderful optimistic beginning we did. I know we’d both say tge journey has been worth every step, every detour, every surprise, and every adventure. 💖👏

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  2. Wow, Dale. So, I read it, and was both in the moment of reading, but also another part of me, when I hit that last line, the film-clip raced. About a minute later, the hairs stood up on my arm. Really, well done.

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  3. Poignant, bittersweet, loving, sad, joyful, this story is so many things. Just wanted to share a scientific fact (forgive me if you know this already :)) The mind does not know the difference between memory and present experience, if you relive the happy memories, you will get the same happy experience.

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  4. Oh my, Dale. I’m feeling your emotion in this one. How strange it is what comes out in our writing sometimes, huh? I wonder if when you began this one you knew how you would finish the piece or if it just flowed out of you as it is. Another great 100-word masterpiece.

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  5. Such beautiful memories, beautifully recreated. We haven’t all experienced such a loss as this, but your story speaks of the fragility of life and the everpresent risk of tragedies that can rob us of it. We need to treasure our loved ones.

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  6. I’m glad I went back a bit to read this one. I think I had the same reaction as everybody else. It starts off light and charming and then lands an unexpected emotional wallop in that last sentence. I didn’t see it coming and it sent me flying across the room. I want to cry.

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