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Sunday Gratitude – September 13, 2015

I feel like I spent the whole week in front of the stove!  Not a lunch, not a dinner with friends all week!  I did a heck of a lot of cooking and grocery shopping and cooking and more grocery shopping, though.  Eesh.

Tina 50th Surprise

Tina 50th Surprise

Gratitude List

  1. Helped out at the school for picture day.  Always fun to see the boys’ friends and have them come over to chat/hug/joke around with

  2. Finally went for one of my walks with Zeke – sans camera (!).  It had been too long as the heat and humidity have been too high for both of us.

  3. Couldn’t have prepared Tina’s surprise birthday party feast without the help of Emma who was a HUGE help!  Thanks also to Michèle, Luch & Oli.  Every little bit helped.  (The guests enjoyed, too!)

  4. Had a great time at Tina’s surprise 50th party – yes, she was surprised – especially by some of her friends who came from afar!

  5. Had the house to myself most of the day so was able to cook in peace while watching my “chick flicks”!

  6. Really glad I decided to make those almond cupcakes with buttercream frosting and salted caramel drizzle at Emma’s suggestion.  Oh my….

25 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude – September 13, 2015

    • She walked in and said “I knew it” because she saw her daughter who was supposedly at school (far away). Then she came up the stairs…😉


  1. Chick flicks! I cannot wait until I carve out a bit of time for that. I watched I’ll See You in My Dreams last night and while a bit of a tear jerker, boy was it good. Glad you indulged!


    • One of the best things hubby did for me was to install a TV in the kitchen. With the satellite dish, I can PVR all the chick flicks I want and watch them when I have the house to myself and when I’m cooking (or not!). Ooohh… that one is on my list of “to see”!

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    • Lemme tell you… that little salted caramel drizzle on top… to die for! Cupcakes, chick flicks, glass of wine and a girlfriend… no?


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