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Friday Fictioneers – Round and Round

Word Count:  100

Hostess with the Mostest of Friday Fictioneers:  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Photo Prompt:  © Ted Strutz

©Ted Strutz

Oh, that’s the new ride at LaRonde, Daddy!  Can we go on it…. Please?

Only if you’ll come on the Vampire with me, next!  Deal?

Oh, but Daddy, that one goes upside down… You know I don’t like the upside down ones!

Ahhh… but this one goes ’round and ’round and you know I don’t like the ’round and ’round ones!

They got on the ride and off it went, spinning faster and faster.

Isn’t this fun, Daddy? … Why are you green?

Suddenly, it started to rain.  All rides closed until the rain stops!

The boy grinned. Too bad, Daddy!

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61 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Round and Round

  1. Dear Dale,

    It seems that neither of us wrote fiction this week. 😉 Although the name of the group is Friday Fictioneers, memoirs and non-fiction are quite all right as long as it’s a hundred words.

    Well written and the photos at the end say it all. Mick doesn’t look too disappointed.




    • It was such a good day. The boys ended up jumping around in the huge puddles while we had a pitcher of beer with a friend who happened to be there the same day. Smiles all ’round!


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