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Friday Fictioneers – What Could Have Been


Time for another Friday Fictioneers (yes, I prefer to submit on Wednesday!) hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, our newly minted, Fairly Blog Mother, who celebrates her third year running this shindig.  And, let me tell you, she is doing a most fabulous job!

This week’s photo is from Ron Pruitt.

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Genre:  True Story (Yeah, yeah, I know, should be fiction!)

Word count: 100

What Could Have Been


© Ron Pruitt

The tourists pack into the bus for a tour of Liberia, Costa Rica, laughing and chatting amicably.

The bus pulls forward and stops with a jolt.  Looking around, we try to figure out what is happening.

Is there a doctor on board?

What?  I push Patrick:  “You’re a nurse, go see what’s up.”

“Aww c’mon, no!  I’m on vacation!”

Begrudgingly, he goes to see if he can help.

Turns out the driver had passed out with his foot, thankfully, on the brake.

We imagine the headlines:

Bus Crashes in Dangerous Curves of Costa Rica.

Six Vacationing Canadians Among the Dead.


79 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – What Could Have Been

  1. Another excellent post, Dale. I very much look forward to these each week! (Am also quite glad I don’t have to actually read that headline!)

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  2. Dear Dale,

    That was close. The dialogue put me in the scene and your title beautifully adds another hundred words. Could have happened, thankfully didn’t. (Ignore the Scot in the back row. 😉 )

    Non-fiction is okay even though we’re called Friday Fictioneers. Not to mention that a good percentage of us post on Wednesdays. Nonetheless the name remains.


    Your Fairy Blog Mother. ❤

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    • Too close for comfort. I was hoping the title wouls do that! (He’s just trying to get my goat!)
      Thank goodness it is okay! 😉


  3. Thankfully, it wasn’t six comedians. That would have been tragic.
    He must have had a lot to drink. I hope this doesn’t happen to Rochelle. Her feet barely reach the pedals anyway.

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  4. I’m with Patrick that when I’m on vacation, I don’t disclose that I’m a nurse. I can’t function out of the hospital! 🙂 Now I’m totally out of the hospital. Good story and good you’re here to tell it.


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  5. Wow, that was close. So many cars crash here on the expessways because so many people travel at night and speed or fall asleep at the wheel. If we had to travel, neither of us drove here, so we’d hire a car and driver and only go by day. You don’t want a sleepy driver. Well done. — Suzanne


    • This particular driver was diabetic and basically passed out from lack of sugar (I assume!) Scary anyway! And thanks!


  6. Definitely very scary what could have happened. I guess safety rules there are less stringent than here. (I live in Michigan) I would hope drivers have to pass a health test. Though I guess diabetic is not a reason not to drive…you just have to monitor it really well. Glad you and everyone is OK!

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    • One would hope there would be much stricter rules but you’re right…in this case, monitoring himself better is a necessity.


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