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Friday Fictioneers – Discarded

Friday Fictioneers is here again!  And not only is it here, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, our fabulous leader has chosen MY photo.  (It’s the small things in life that give us the biggest thrills.)

If you would like to try your hand at writing a 100-word story following a weekly prompt, just click on the blue frog.  If you just want to read the fabulous submissions, click on the blue frog!

Word count:  100



She loved walking with her dog along the river, adjacent to the woods.  He loved it as he could run free, jumping into the water without her stopping him – mostly!

Her mind wandered at will, feet cushioned by the soft earth, while breathing in fresh air; quiet but for the lapping water, occasional quacking of ducks or songs of the various birds.

Oh dear!  How, or more importantly, why, would anyone just throw away a chair into the river?  And probably after years of service, doing its duty, it’s part.

One day useful, next , discarded, no longer necessary.  Like her.

107 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Discarded

  1. There was a rhetorical question, put by a character in a BBC series, that’s been bugging me for the past week: “what’s the point of me?” I can’t seem to get past it.


    • Yes, my picture! 😉 Why thank you Mr. Ayr! When I took it, I immediately thought of FF. Apparently Rochelle thought it appropriate too.
      I’m very glad you liked my story.
      Yes, there are way too many like it, unfortunately.


    • Dear Rochelle,
      So happy you couldn’t! I am so happy you enjoyed my walk.
      Yes, I like to think that whole new chapter is a good one (it is for me, anyway!!)
      Have the best day!


  2. Great story with a killer last line, turns the peaceful walk into something else entirely. Love the sentiments, walking with a dog is so relaxing, isn’t it (unless there is an enemy, rabbit, squirrel, deer…)? Your Zeke looks very cuddly.

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  3. Very nicely done, Dale! Great story! I was worried that it would take a darker turn, but it turned out to be only a chair in the water! Your question was a good one — who would throw a chair into the water?! Alas, we humans trash most things once we’re done with them, don’t we? I try not to, but don’t often succeed. I just try and improve with each day.

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  4. Dale, great photo. I thought of a story fairly quickly this week. You know it’s funny, I didn’t even realize that was a chair until I read your story and looked at it again. It just looked like a bunch of pipes to me. But as Rochelle says, it’s not what you look at, it’s what you see. 🙂

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    • Thanks, David. So glad you liked it. When I saw this, I had to take a picture of it and send it to Rochelle. I knew it could be seen in many ways! Fun stuff, this FF, eh?


  5. Ok…I liked the writing but have reservations about that last line. You’ve kicked off drawing a great picture – clear, pretty scene of a woman walking her dog, seemingly enjoying life… and then BAM – this hairpin turn… I dunno… I guess I felt it came out of nowhere.

    Still – great writing – this bit: …feet cushioned by the soft earth, while breathing in fresh air; quiet but for the lapping water, occasional quacking of ducks or songs of the various birds… brilliant. Really draws you in.


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  6. I like how this starts quite carefree, gets a little sad with the rubbish in the water and then that sad last line. Poor woman.
    Now that you say it, I see now that it is a chair 🙂


  7. I’ll have you know I’d never discard a perfectly good woman. Not even one that was showing signs of wear or breaking down as far as that goes. Those things just add character. Mine may be worn, but she ain’t worn out.

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  8. This was like getting into her mind and taking that walk with her. One thought leads to the next. Great story, although a bit sad. I think we all get that feeling once in a while. Is that your dog? So sweet!


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  10. It could be me on that walk with my dog, Sheba! However, she likes water but not swimming so will not fetch. But my partner likes to fetch – lots of discarded bikes, bedframes, etc. from landfills and renders them rideable and into new objects. Sometimes I accompany him. It’s our retirement project. 🙂

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  11. Good question. Why. And in a river at that. Internment at sea customary. But burial of chair which one assumes has attached memories peculiar indeed.But things, especially the insignificant often have meanings attached. But the chair does make one shudder. Probably the most common scene, is that of solitary people along with accompanying dog pal strolling river paths. Warm and fuzzy and peaceful, yet melancholy too at times. Dam the jerk who tosses a chair in the river that disrupts our walk of solitude.

    happy thirty minutes of what is left of Sunday, have good Monday

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  12. Well done, getting your photo selected. Is there a submission process for photos, or does Rochelle visit blogs and choose something that takes her fancy? I liked the story and the most effective understated end that was quietly sad, rather than the dark act of violence that I expected! I haven’t written anything for weeks for Friday Fictioneers and have also been sadly neglecting all of my blogging friends. Hopefully, I’ve come out of recluse-at-work mode for a while, and can get sociable again.

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    • Thanks, Sarah! Actually, when I took the picture, I immediately thought of FF and sent the picture to Rochelle…she agreed it was FF-worthy.
      I’m glad you liked my story and I’ve missed yours! Don’t fret, we all have our neglectful moments!

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  13. Thanks, Dale, for this picture that led to so many great stories. I liked you story. Many older people may feel that way. Their families need to give them more support. We’ll all be old soon enough. Well written. —-Suzanne

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