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Walktober – Old Boucherville, A Second Look


Robin, over at Breezes at Dawn, celebrates October with a Walktober.  Lucky for me, she decided to extend the dates so that I and a few others could join in.  I was positive I’d be able to write my post by October 25, the official deadline, but no, I have been living in my kitchen.  Got a few busy days ahead of me so I figured it’s now or never!

Here’s where I admit to being even later than planned but lucky enough to be included on this November 2nd post!!

I truly enjoy walking around, with my ever-present, dog, Zeke, my hometown of Boucherville, a suburb of Montreal with a population of a little less than 41,000.  I’ve lived here my whole life (minus about five years when I foolishly left) and have trouble believing I’d ever live anywhere else.  Well, except Tuscany, as I keep threatening my family.  But that’s a whole ‘nother story!


Most days will find me walking about Boucherville, either towards “my” river, or to “Teletubbie Park”, or to the industrial park, or to the Parc des Coutances, way over on the other side where, if I’m lucky and early enough, I run into the ladies and their dogs and can stand around chitchatting whilst the dogs chase each other.  This is an unofficial dog park to us and only when the cranky old broad comes by do we re-leash the dogs!

Last year I actually did a post on my walk in Old Boucherville and was going to choose another of my walks or a mish-mash of the ones done in October, but by the time I had sorted the pictures, I realised that Old Boucherville would win again!

This particular walk was actually on October 1st, which explains the lack of fall foliage colours!  All walks start from my front stoop…. The roses were still blooming beautifully and I just had to snap one more!


As I turned the corner, I was struck by one single leaf in a bush that had decided to stand out.


Walking along Industrial Boulevard, there were just a few trees showing off.


By the end of the boulevard, I decided to walk down to the special pathway that brings me directly into Old Boucherville and was pleasantly surprised by a family of Canada Geese.


Unfortunately, Zeke also noticed them and decided he would like to join them.  They disagreed with the idea and hightailed it down the stream!


Before arriving at Louis-H. Lafontaine’s house (if you want to learn more about that, click here), there are lovely trees aligning the stream.  This one in particular called me.

IMG_0577  IMG_0595

Couldn’t resist Zeke as he posed so prettily in the old Fort ruins.

IMG_0582 IMG_0583 IMG_0584

We decided to cross Marie-Victorin Blvd. and walk along the St. Lawrence River’s edge and were treated to a few mallards swimming by.

IMG_0621 IMG_0639

I got all excited because I thought I saw an eagle!  Thanks my Facebook friends for setting me straight by pointing out it was not a majestic eagle but a huge turkey vulture!  It was teasing me by swooping around and around… I was impressed, anyway…

IMG_0623 IMG_0628

A little further on, there seemed to be a party going on in which the seagull was a little shy in joining the ducks…


Crossing back over, I noticed two lovely old houses that I had never paid attention to, and each had a plaque explaining their original inhabitants.

The first one, called La Chaumière was built around 1742, as a dependent to the Seigneurial Manor.  At the end of the 19th century, it was transformed into a summer residence and it was at the time that the “oeil de boeuf” (small round window) was created.

The Seigneurial Manor was built around 1740 for the third Seigneur (Lord), François-Pierre Boucher of Boucherville, descendants of the founder, Pierre Boucher.

IMG_0661  IMG_0660

I foolishly cut across at this point, on my return home and did not get close to the grand church.  How, oh how, did I think I could do a walk in Old Boucherville, skipping a whole section?

Guess I’ll just have to go back and continue!

I hope you have enjoyed my walk around a section of Old Boucherville.






58 thoughts on “Walktober – Old Boucherville, A Second Look

    • Thank you, Rochelle. I do try to get out as often as I can! Always with camera in hand! 😉
      Thanks for coming along on my walk!


  1. What a great walk! I’m glad you got it in so I could add it to the round-up. It’s good to get out of the kitchen once in a while. 🙂 Those two old homes are beautiful (and look beautifully built, which they must be to be standing as long as they have).


    • Thanks, Robin! I’m glad you were able to add it to the round-up too! It is very good to get out of the kitchen! They are gorgeous indeed (as is the little one you can see through the window of the ruins. I would just love to see the inside as well!


  2. What a pleasant walk … and Zeke is great company. The first few pics got me thinking leaves, but then you took us is a different direction. Thanks to you friends for correctly identifying the bird. 😉 … then again, an Ohio town does celebrate Buzzard Day.

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  3. What a nice walk! My husband and I were in Montreal for a couple of days in September. We were on a road trip up the St. Lawrence. We had a great time, it was all so beautiful! Thank you for taking us along on your walk!

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  4. Isn’t this great! I’m sitting here. It’s dark outside. But I still managed a little hike with you! Love it! We’re going to have to do this more often, Dale!

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    • Absolutely, Torrie! Matter of fact, I now want to go further into the old Boucherville and share it with ya’all!
      Glad I could give you a little light in the dark!

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  5. Sounds like a wonderful place for walking and watching the seasons change. The tree that called to you caught my attention, too. It must have been so exciting spotting the turkey vulture – wow! Beautiful pictures…

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