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Friday Fictioneers – Rendez-Vous

Friday Fictioneers is here!  This time our lovely hostess, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields of Addicted to Purple has chosen an image provided by the equally lovely c.e. Ayr.

Please do join in by submitting your own 100-word story with beginning, middle and end inspired by the photo.  It’s a fun challenge with a great group of writers.  Don’t want to submit?  All good, you can just read the other stories by clicking on Monsieur Blue Frog!

Word count: 100

Genre:  Fiction



Stewart waited for Margaret at the designated spot, as per their agreement.  Grate no. E48.

He arrived a bit early – wouldn’t make a good impression to arrive late now, would it?

While waiting, he paced, whistling a merry tune, watching the passersby, in the happiest of moods.  He never thought he would meet the “One” at this stage of his life.  I mean come on.  How often does a new love bloom at the age of 70?

Hmmm… She was running late.  He happened to look down and spotted the shoe.  He had seen that particular shoe before.  On Margaret’s foot.

97 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Rendez-Vous

  1. An intriguing piece, Ms Dale, with scarcely a typo in sight.
    Nicely done.
    But, assuming that the lovely Margaret is of a similar age to ol’ Stu, is it not possible that the dithering old biddy is just looking for a few lost marbles?
    Or a foot?

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  2. I know, but the opening gave me such a warm feeling I’m determined to stay optimistic for them. Maybe things were moving a bit fast, but it would have been OK if Margaret’s kids hadn’t put doubts in her head. We need a FF wedding!

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  3. Oh my. I shudder to think where Margaret may have wound up. Maybe the local restaurant across the street that serves spicy Indian food, but would they let her in with only one shoe? In a dark alley engaged in mortal combat with a local gang, taking them out, one by one, with karate kicks and flips? Or, possibly in the local cobblers shop, seeking help for a broken heel. But, whatever you do, Stewart, don’t forget to retrieve that shoe and go find your Cinderella!

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  4. He arrived a bit early – wouldn’t make a good impression to arrive late now, would it? This is so typical of people in their 70’s plus so it would seem to be quite unusual for Margaret to go a-missing. Well done.

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  5. Eek, poor Margaret. Let’s hope she got stuck with her heel, abandoned the shoe and went to buy a new pair. That’s why she’s late, no? Great story.

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  6. Assuming Margaret is close to 70, my guess is that she wanted to impress her new love and tried on some heels that she shouldn’t worn for walking on the street. Maybe the will be reunited in a hospital ER 🙂 Nice story.

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  7. Oh, this can’t happen. They are both so close to happiness. I hope the shoe leads him to Margaret. Oh, where could she be? Maybe she just stopped for coffee somewhere and lost her shoe along the way. I hope!

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  8. Not exactly the footwear I expected for a 70 yr. old, but hey, I just turned 60, so what do I know. I guess she’s not the Dr. Scholl’s kind of girl. I bet she just had to run to a restroom real quick. I hope there was one nearby.

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  9. Very well written, Dale, with an ending left open to many interpretations. Mine wasn’t as charming as the others, but had a dark twist to it as have read too my crime books D:

    You’re getting better and better at this storytelling thing. Perhaps when I get back to running the monthly guest storyteller slot on my blog — probably in January — you would like to oblige 🙂

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    • It could be all manner of things, Patricia. And I would think EMTs would not spend their time looking for lost shoes… or would they?


  10. Three things connect me with this story: firstly, my name’s Margaret; secondly, I used to keep my husband (of 50 years) waiting for up to two hours for me at the train station when we started dating (shame on me); thirdly, I’ve recently fallen down because I was running late and tripped over my shoe.Does any of that mean anything? Probably not, but your story resonates. Great stuff.

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