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#WeekendCoffeeShare – A Busy and Fun Week


If we were having coffee, the first thing I would do, would be to tell you it’s very late so I’ll be having decaf.  Do you want full-test or decaf as well?  Here I am a Sunday night, 11:00 PM, writing this when I should be hitting the hay.  It’s been a most busy week and week-end and tonight I chose to sit on my duff and watch the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead with my boys and, after that, why not watch Into the Badlands?  It totally felt like that was the first time since having coffee with my sister, Lisa, this morning at 9:30, that I actually did sit down!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I got caught with my cellphone in my hand -wasn’t using it, mind, and got “gifted” with a $120 ticket and 4 demerit points.  Sonovab…!!!   This did not stop me from enjoying my sister’s Tocara jewellery presentation that evening and resisting buying more stuff.  Sigh… I shall definitely have to abstain from all future invites!


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I had an exquisite Tuesday.  I booked our trip for Spring Break.  Just me and my boys.  Though I’ve resisted the whole Cuba thing till now, I did finally decide now was a good time to try it out.  We’ll be staying in Holguin at the Playa Pesquero.  Apparently, the food will be decent (the reason I’ve avoided going this long!)  On my way through the mall, I stopped off at the Videotron kiosk to find out if I was due for an upgrade.  Poor phone has not been the same since it went for an involuntary swim this summer.  And I was!  Woot!  At no extra cost to boot.  Still trying to get used to this HTC phone.  I had a Samsung and was told that HTC had an even better camera so I figured what the heck?  That evening I went on a date to a most delicious restaurant called Tandem.  Oh. Em. Gee.  I had a bison short rib to die for.  I’m still thinking about it!

2015-11-24 21.00.14

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that on Wednesday, I had to drive all the way into town for a doctor’s appointment, wait a whole bloody hour before being seen.  Four hours later, I returned to almost the same area of town for a fabulous sushi and girl-talk with Patti.  Her daughters were not too sad that there was an overabundance and that they could have some too.

The rest of the week was work (Pier 1) and work (cooking).

If you are not too tired, I’d finish off with my Saturday.  The store was over-staffed; or rather, was under-selling, so I managed to take the day off and go to my goddaughter’s bowl-a-thon with Aidan.  Iain was working and could not join in the fun.  Actually, of the three sisters’ families, we each had a child who was away at work.  The rest all participated.  What a hoot and a half!  Ever been “disco” or “laser” bowling?  Wish I had been wearing at least one pale item of clothing.  I could have flashed as they did!

Our first two games went rather dismally.  I did managed to get scores in the three-digits, but nothing to write home about.  On the third game, Tracy and her gang had to leave to go to a family party so Lisa and I and families stayed behind and played for two people each.  Lemme just say that I was the leader!

After our bowling fun, the Kiakas clan came over.  Not bad, Aidan invited them over and they brought the pizza!  Was fun to just sit and chat and relax.

Of course, I totally paid for it today.  Lisa left around 10:30-ish and I had three meals to make!  I made stuffed meatballs, chicken piccata and beef stew.

Now that I may have left you hungry, I shall bid you a most wonderful week and look forward to reading your coffee shares!

Hugs and Kisses!


In my over-zealousness to get this post out, I totally forgot to acknowledge Diana, our hostess for Weekend Coffee Share (though clicking on the top image does bring you to her site)!  As well, I never mentioned that clicking on this link would bring you to all the other wonderful submissions!

I apologise profusely for my lack of manners.



31 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – A Busy and Fun Week

  1. You DID make me hungry!
    I can hardly wait til you take your spring break trip…I know there will be pictures. That’s one place I’ve always wanted to go. Hope this week is not as costly as that $120 “prize”!

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    • I most certainly will be taking lots of pictures.
      Sorry for making you hungry!😎
      And thank you. I would prefer a much cheaper week!


  2. I am tired out and stuffed after reading your post! I need another coffee now to kick start my day. Sounds like you have had a busy week apart from the fine with the phone was that a police stop. I am also embarresed that I did not make more effort writing my ‘If we were having coffee’ post but like you I was worn out last night! xxx

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  3. Sounds like a fun and tiresome week. Yeah for Cuba, how did you book it? With a travel agency? It has been on my list of places to visit, but I normally just book a ticket and a couple of hotel nights and that is it. Heard that everything needs to be booked in advance for Cuba. Is that true?

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    • Frankly… I’m running out! My back is aching (telling me I’m tired), my knees are aching (telling me I’m tired) and… yeah, I think I’ll go to bed! When I’m in it and busy, I don’t notice, it’s when I finally sit down that I realise that maybe, just maybe, I may have overdone it!

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  4. Cuba! Love it. And more importantly, so glad to hear someone else is hooked on something televised. I don’t watch much TV but a friend recommended the Gilmore Girls series, which I am watching before it comes back:). It’s cold, dark and wintry here–that’s my excuse:).

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  5. Decaf for me please since it’s late in the day as I read this. You did indeed make me hungry. I would love to visit Cuba someday. Lucky you! Sorry about the “gift” but glad to hear that other than that, you had a good week. 🙂


    • Oh! How did I miss this comment? Ah, I figure the “gift” is for the times I was bad… I’ll let you know all about it. I hope the food is better (in Cuba) than everyone says – fingers crossed!


    • Oh do please join in!! It’s great fun! I am so behind reading the others’ but will eventually get to them! Yeah… We Canadians can go there no problemo… you guys too, soon, right?


      • …. I think so yes~ although it’s been a little crazy here it seems lately — and I’m heartbroken about the mass shooting in Cali 😦 — but I LOVE Cuban food and shhhhh don’t tell anyone but I like cigars too hahah 😀 so …. to join in when do I have to post by?

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        • So am I… I so wish the government would wake up and, 2nd Amendment be damned, fix the situation. It is no longer the wild west… I enjoy the occasional cigar too! 😉
          Soo.. most of the coffee share people do so on Saturday, thought quite a few do so on Sunday – I find it just a tad too tight, though I have managed it on occasion. Plus I find that by Sunday, the week is properly ended (shhh, no need to specify the week starts on a Sunday!) and let’s face it, Sunday is the end of the week-end, isn’t it?
          Diana from Part-Time Monster is the hostess and this here is the link to her last coffee share http://parttimemonster.com/2015/11/21/weekendcoffeeshare-almost-holiday-time/ There are no rules, as far as I know! I think it is fun to add your link so others come and visit you though I know a couple don’t… don’t know why though!
          Looking forward to reading yours!


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