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Friday Fictioneers – Chicken!

Friday Fictioneers is here again.  I had a bit of trouble coming up with something this week, so that’s why it’s actually Friday when I’m posting!

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Genre:  Fiction

Word count:  100


©Luther Siler

Freddie and Bobby were playing near the monkey bars in the park.  Before long, they found themselves alone, the other kids having left or been picked up by their parents.  In other words, all witnesses were finally gone!

“You ever stand on top of the monkey bars?”

“Course I have, Bobby.  Haven’t you?”

“Course I have.  So, prove it, show me how you do it!”

“You show me first!”

“You’re just a chicken and never did it, did you?”

With that, Freddie, climbed up the monkey bars, carefully standing up at the very top, arms in the air.

“Who’s chicken now?”

monkey bars

To think, once upon a time, I used to stand on the very top!!! You couldn’t pay me to do it now!


85 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Chicken!

  1. Dear Dale,

    This is my kind of story. Just enough reference to connect to the photo prompt. You’ve stepped outside the box and wrote a good story. Good job!



    PS I was always the chicken. I’m better than I used to be but I’m still leery of heights.

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  2. Monkey Bars have been removed from British School Playgrounds… all because of things like this going wrong….. At one school in whch I taught we had a Geodome… I remember one Terry sliding down the outside of it with his arme stretched abov his head. He then complained of pains in his wrists. The school secretary ignored his complaints….
    Both wrists were broken and the secretary wondered why his mother came into school and thumped her.

    Geodome was removed a few weeks later…

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  3. I think I was always a chicken! 🙂
    This reminded me of an old Twilight Zone episode my husband and I saw last night. It was called “Kick the Can”–about some elderly people in a nursing home, and one of them wants to recreate the magic of his youth with a kick the can game.

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  4. I would have been the one on top of the monkey bars. But then, kids bounce without breaking a lot easier than adults do — or at least, believe they will! Nicely written story, I got a great sense of the scene.

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    • Ha ha! Funny how that happens… we become chicken as we get older and realise the potential consequences of our actions! When we are younger, we are invincible – or so we think!


  5. been picked by their parents – this is missing a “by” I think.

    You took this to a great place. I was going to write about children egging each other on with the “chicken!” thing, but things were’nt going to turn out quite so delightful. Well done. Brought back memories.

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  6. Whoops! The downside of dares. Well written. Like you, I wouldn’t dream of doing anything that involved heights of any kind these days, but I used to enjoy climbing to the top of exceedingly tall trees. The climbing down was always the worst, as I expected to end up on the ground looking like a slightly more gory version of that chicken.

    By the way, I’ve just announced your special guest slot at the beginning of January over at my place http://sarahpotterwrites.com/guest-storytellers-2/

    Plus, the long-awaited book is now available, although Amazon haven’t linked up the two versions onto one page. Yesterday, they appeared following on from each other if you typed it in the search box. Today, the Kindle version is easy to find as it has a sales ranking but the paperback can only be found if you type in my name plus the cover artist’s name (Jamie Noble Frier). I hope that Amazon sorts this out pronto, as some people have expressed their intention to buy the paperback for Christmas.

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    • Funny how experience (see how I did not use the word ‘age’ there?) teaches us what is foolish and what is not!
      Ach!! Now it’s real! Better get my thinking cap on to figure out just what to write!
      Oh! I’m so going to get your book!

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  7. Oh, I love it! Thanks for that story — replete with childhood innocence, and with the slightest hint of real danger!
    (I, too, loved standing right at the top of things like that, and then jumping down!)


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