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Friday Fictioneers – Another View

It’s Wednesday!  Actually, it’s midnight, so it’s really Thursday.  Oh well.  Time for Friday Fictioneers!  Yes, yes, some of us try to get our stories in early!  Quite a few of us, actually!  Rochelle not only hosts this shindig, this week she also supplied the wonderful photograph!

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Genre:  Fiction – but hopefully not for long!

Word count:  100

Another View

©Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Coffee in hand, she leaned against her kitchen counter and gazed outside the window.  On this quiet morning, she contemplated her life thus far.  She determined that on the whole it had so far been a very good one.  All the challenges, hardships and losses were far outweighed by all the joys, good fortunes and gains.

Her thoughts turned towards her future.  There was still much more ahead of her now.  Endless possibilities.  What were her dreams and desires? The flat lawn turned into rolling hills filled with vineyards and olive groves and sunflowers.  Tuscany was definitely part of it.


83 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Another View

  1. I can tell that this one is more from within that many may realize … but I can’t resist this ending … The flat lawn turned into rolling hills of Tuscany with vineyards, olive groves, sunflowers, and a house on the hill with __ in it.

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