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January’s #Guest Storyteller — Dale Rogerson

I was honoured and petrified to be asked to be Sarah Potter’s guest story teller for January.

It is thanks to her that I joined Friday Fictioneers and have hopefully improved my skills since my first story last March. Stumped on what to write, I took her suggestion to use a picture as a prompt. It helped, that’s for sure! Hope you enjoy!

Sarah Potter Writes


From office worker to caterer to … writer?

Since she could remember, Dale has been an avid reader, a lover of the written word. She finally decided to try her hand at writing, feeling there was a story inside of her.  A blog was born, but, would she find an audience?

Sarah says: Well, I think the answer to that is a resounding “yes”. Her blog A Delectable Life is aptly named, with the words delightful and pleasing describing it best. She never moans and always looks at life in a positive way, which is hugely inspiring in a world full of negative reportage.  As for her creative writing, it seems my suggestion that she try writing a 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers has resulted in her contributions there becoming part of her weekly routine. So seeing as she is now addicted to the art of flash fiction, I thought…

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