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Friday Fictioneers – Seats 20A and 20C

That’s rights, folks.  It’s Friday Fictioneers time!  We like to confuse people so they no longer know what day it is…

Our hostess, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, from Addicted to Purple has invited us to come up with something using the photo below.  A thank you to Melanie Greenwood for supplying this week’s inspiration.

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Word count: 100

Seats 20A and 20C

©Melanie Greenwood

©Melanie Greenwood

After a fun-filled week in the sun, the family looked forward to this last leg of the trip.   Three hours to go.

Mom and youngest sat in the first row.  Dad and eldest had seats in the last row.

“See ya later. Have fun back there!”

Laughing, father and son made their way to the back.

Suddenly there was a ruckus.

Dad was swearing, storming towards the front, lugging his bags, son right behind.

“Where are you going?” Mom asks.

“What the hell kind of effing company sells seats in row number 20 when the last one is number 19?”


106 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Seats 20A and 20C

  1. Dear Dale,

    I’m glad I had no coffee in my mouth for it surely would have spurted out my nose. I’d like to know there rest of t his story. Did father and eldest have to ride on the wing? Or in the loo? Good one.



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    • Gotta go through Taranna? Ugh.
      All jokes aside – I’m not flying through the States anymore to save a few bucks. Driving two hours to Burlington, to take a small plane transfer, then have to transfer in Philadelphia (to be avoided at all costs in future)… so not worth the aggravation.


      • Burlington, Vermont I assume, a city I like, with a state troop I don’t. Not a fan of any airports south of the 49th. The aggravation of delays, cancelled flights and long lines not worth the cheaper fares as you mentioned. And you and I are not alone, the last time I went south for a vacation out of Taranna almost half the plane was American travelers. Preferring to drive three fours hours for a 6am flight, this astounded me.

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        • You assume correctly! Love Vermont (I mean c’mon, they wanted to leave the US and join Canada!) but no. I am totally done with the cheaper fares. I did not know Americans were now coming up to Canada to fly out! I, too, am astounded!


      • In my experience the place to avoid is Minneapolis.
        As a Scot on vacation I got the full anti-whatever treatment, just short of a torch up the unmentionables.
        When I expressed concern that I might miss my connection to San Francisco, I was told:
        Be concerned I might not let you into MY country.

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  2. Not only the Brits get Ryanair, Germans do, too, LOL. This is such a fun story. Unbelievable, I hope you sued them there and back. Looking forward to read more.


    • So, here’s the second comment that took a trip to the Spam folder (I hope I found them all!) Fun story that ended in a whole lotta nuthin’, I’m afraid. You shall read more when I write the whole story. You’ll need a BIG cup of tea or something because it is a doozie of a story! I may have to break it down into two or three parts… Still deciding!

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      • I know that I’m in for a good read, because when you write it, it will be. You write with great humour and always interesting. 🙂 Looking forward to it.

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        • Claps her hands in glee! Yay… I’m going to write it next week, I think. I am having guests tomorrow, so forget it and then on Sunday is my CoffeeShare so, forget that… You’ll just have to wait a bit more!

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    • I must admit that the Philly hub is one that I shall avoid in the future… I’ve heard so many stories of people being stranded… That’s the good thing about being an optimist like me. What was a mess at one time, becomes a story filled with laughs in the future!


  3. Very very few posts have me laughing out loud! This one did. Thanks for the chuckle! Laughing for so many reasons….the dad’s language and I can just see him storming up the aisle towing the little boy and carry ons and shaking his head and swearing etc. Hilarious visual here. And then….the ridiculous of being sold seats that don’t exist….hmmmm…kind of the other side of overbooking? Or a ridiculous computer glitch in this day and age when everything is dependent on “the machine.” Love this tory. Thanks for the smiles!

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    • Really happy to have you laughing out loud, Lillian. I did hold back on the real language that came out of the dad’s mouth.
      Sadly, not a computer glitch. A voluntary down-sizing of the plane even though 5-6 passengers had to be kicked off…

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  4. I hope the airline gave you a voucher for a later flight and hotel accommdations. They gave me a voucher for a meal when weather in Chicago caused me to miss my change of planes for a flight to North Carolina some years ago. Your problem was more their fault than that. — Suzanne

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    • Oh Patricia…they put us up in a hotel and gave us a breakfast coucher. We ended up with about $1,000 in vouchers totally unusable! Could not be combined and all sorts of ridiculous conditions..


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