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Friday Fictioneers – Music Maker

Welcome, welcome, my friends, to Friday Fictioneers.  Yes, yes, I know, it is Wednesday.  What can I say?  Some of us in this group like to confuse!

This week, Rochelle, our lovely host, has given us an image by her main squeeze, Jan W. Fields.  Oh the directions I could have gone with this.  ‘Twas hard to choose but sometimes, you just have to let the fingers do the talking!

Her story is fabulous as are the other participants’.  Please do go have a read and, should you be willing to try your hand at this 100-word craft-thing, please do.  Click on the blue frog for instructions and whatnot!

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©Jan W. Fields

As you leave the house for your walk with your faithful dog, the hum of the highway drones on in the distance and you note your steps beating a rhythm, highlighted by the dog’s collar tinkling like the high notes of a piano.  Before long, the wind picks up and the denuded branches bang together adding a back beat.  You notice, as you near the park, the swish of the marcescent leaves like brushes on a drum.  Approaching the river, the steady flow beneath the ice replaces the hum of the highway, the birds’ chirping adding high notes.

Nature’s orchestra!

78 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Music Maker

    • Thank you, kind lady! I left for my walk, composing a totally different story in my head and well, this happened.


  1. Marcescent? Heck, I had to look up the word! You must be smart, too! I’ve got the feeling your walks had a bit of influence for this story. Meanwhile, the storm I mention is approaching … it seems to be trending south, so forecast models don’t agree with small amount ranging from 1-15 cm. Good Morning!

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  2. This has a delightful rhythm and reminds me of my Sunday walk down at the harbor with the wind whistling through line on boats and lines tapping on masts. The sound stopped me cold and I stood still to listen. I think the fisherman thought I was insane, the sound is so much a part of their lives.

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  3. Ahh…nature’s orchestra! Dale, this is so lyrical and beautiful. You took me away from the noise of everyday life to the music of nature, and for that I thank you 🙂 xo

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  4. This is lovely. A beautiful orchestra, and changing with the four seasons. I love the word marcescent, thought I was the only one who had to look it up.

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