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Friday Fictioneers – Barriers

It’s Friday!  That means Friday Fictioneers is here!  Oh my yes, I am posting on a Friday instead of a Wednesday or even a Thursday.  Must keep you all on your toes!  That, and the fact I have a serious virus in my official computer and after a couple of days of trying, I gave up and have resorted to my old laptop.  Thank goodness this one works!

So, without further ado, let us thank Mr. c.e. Ayr for his lovely photo and Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this party every week!

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© c.e. ayr

Genre:  Fiction

Word count:  100

The Barrier

It’ll never work out between us.

Why ever not?

We don’t come from the same background.  We are different people and want different things.

I don’t understand how you can say that based on a couple of dates!

I just know.  Your real Prince Charming is out there.  I just know it isn’t me.

How can you possibly know who or what would make my “Prince Charming”?  We barely know each other!  You can’t judge based on the few hours we’ve spent together!  Why are you putting up these barriers?

I need to protect my heart. You will break it.

50 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Barriers

    • Yes, there is! I gave Mick a chance and it turned out great for the time he was here!
      And stop it! Connie and you? Lovely!


  1. I wondered where your story had got to on Wednesday, Dale! Sorry to hear about your computer. I do hope you’ve got everything backed up. My old PC had Linux as its operating system and don’t ever believe anyone if they tell you that Linux is immune to viruses. One came with an update and wiped out everything on my computer, but some guardian angel whispered in my ear the day before it crashed, the words “Dropbox”. If it hadn’t, I’d have lost all my writing.
    Recently, Mister had a virus on a computer that was dedicated to use with one of his electronic musical instruments. It was one of those viruses when every time you clicked on an advert to make it go away, several more popped up, and then he got one of those ransom messages that he had to send some money or else … Of course, he didn’t. Instead he put the recovery disk in and put it back to its factory settings to start again, and then quickly loaded an anti-virus programme on it and did some deep scans which rooted out some baddies that were still lurking there.
    Anyway, your story. Very well written, as usual. What a coward, after two dates! I’m glad you were braver when it came to your great romance 🙂

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    • Oh dear…I had the same problem as your Mister and like him, did NOT call! But I am rather computer illiterate (a D.U., if you will) so I’m in some trouble. Found out my backup unit had been disconnected so pray for me that bro-in-law can save all my bazillion pictures…
      Oh thank you! I am so happy you liked! Nothing like going into one’s personal experience to write “fiction”!

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      • One tip — if your brother-in-law can save your pictures, you’ll need to give each one of a new file name or, when you try to sort them, they’ll keep reproducing. That’s what happened with mine, so they were temporarily found but I got overwhelmed by them cloning themselves and dumped the lot. I only found out afterwards what I should have done. You can imagine that I let out a loud scream of frustration inside!

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  2. Hey, that’s the same reason why I posted so late! I have a virus and my computer is in the shop. I have to blog on my phone. 😦 at least I still can. Some people are not willing to take the chance of a romance and maybe love. Sadly, you’ll never know unless you try!

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  3. I think you did an especially good job with the dialogue, of actually giving a sense that they may in fact be too different. The subtlety of the gap is played out perfectly, but left me thinking that he’d made the right call.


  4. Exactly what Dawn said. Sometimes you want to try and just know that it can’t work. I guess it also depends on what you want to find.
    And I’ve been careless and caught a virus, too, that’s why I comment so late this week. I had to clean the Windows part of my Mac (I have a Win part for work, and a Mac part for fun)–and it took me ages until all these scans had done their work.

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    • Thank you, kind lady!
      My brother-in-law said there were over 300 viruses!!! But, he cleared out the lot and I am as good as new and seem to have no consequences! Woo hoo!

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  5. Although it’s been a while for me (I hated dating) it sounds like he’s getting cold feet. Also, it sounds like he may have an inferiority complex. There’s no such animal as “Prince Charming”. If you’re looking, good luck, Dale. I haven’t a clue what’s out there. Well done with the story. 😀 — Suzanne

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