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Breaking Infinity – Friday Fictioneers

So… I couldn’t get my thoughts in line for Wednesday so here I am on a Thursday evening, presenting my Friday Fictioneers story.  Funny how you can come up with a title and an idea and then once your fingers hit the keyboard, they go off in a totally different direction.  Had to change my title as it no longer applied.  I think that was the hardest part!  Oh well… Welcome to the craziness that is Friday Fictioneers, as always, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields of Addicted to Purple, author, artist, sound-bite fiction expert…  And this week’s photo is none other than our Sandra Crook, another fabulous and published author.  I feel that by surrounding myself with all these talented people, they will rub off on me…

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©Sandra Crook

Genre:  Fiction (maybe)

Word Count:  100

Breaking Infinity

Chaos has returned to this house


Will. It. Never. End?

Crisis over

All are speaking to each other in a quasi-civil manner

Then, just as things start to really run smoothly

The glass has tipped and it all starts over again

How long has this been going on? she wonders

Have I been caught in some never-ending loop?

As she feels herself being sucked in once more

She stops

She takes a deep breath

She crouches down into a small ball.

And with every ounce of strength she can find

She jumps up, fists raised, and shatters the glass


As I was writing this, I was inspired by an animation my goddaughter, Kellie Kiakas, did in College.  Thought I would share it with you!

Bound from Kellie Kiakas on Vimeo.

77 thoughts on “Breaking Infinity – Friday Fictioneers

  1. My adult children have a tendency to go through cycles of personal drama. Although, I will say the cycles are becoming less frequent as they grow older (a good sign). Loved your Goddaughter’s video. Very creative and well done.

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    • Thank you, Russell! You are not inspiring me at all… mine are only 18 and 16… how long before the cycles stop? 😉
      My niece did this when she was 18; she has gotten even better… can’t wait to have an opportunity to share my other niece’s work… So much talent in one house.


  2. It’s sounds like a household with teenagers! Oh, the drama. I was such a drama queen. It’s a good thing my sons are so mellow. I had the same problem having a hard time with a title this week! Great job with your story. And I love the animation. Your goddaughter is very talented.

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  3. Dear Dale,

    I have so been there. It gets better. They grow up and move out. 😉 Love the video. And that title adds a hundred words to your story. Nice. And just remember the rest of us get to rub elbows with you. Maybe some of your enthusiasm and courage will rub off on me.



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    • Ha ha!!! They eventually do, don’t they! Right? So happy you loved Kellie’s video!
      😀 To think it took so much to come up with the title!
      Awww…thanks for that, Ms Rochelle…I am touched!


  4. You go around and around and then it ends and you miss it! Good story. And sweet animation.
    Enjoy Cuba! I’ve heard the food in markets etc can be great – but it doesn’t always get as far as the restaurants.

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  5. I am not going to comment on the content, but on the style.
    At the risk of repeating what I say to you almost every week , you are getting better almost every week.
    This is very well done.
    As you probably know, I almost never follow links or watch video attachments.
    But I do for you, and I was enthralled.

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  6. Those darned negative cycles of behaviour, seen clearly through the glass from the outside but not by those engaged in it. Powerful stuff, Dale. Something for behavioural psychologists to show their clients, as an illustration of how it’s possible to break free!

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