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Middlebury – Friday Fictioneers

After a couple of weeks off, here I am, back at Friday Fictioneers on a Wednesday!  I was touched by the notes from some who were worried at my absence!  Refreshed (sort of) from my week in Cuba with my boys, here is my take on this week’s prompt, photo supplied by our very one hostess, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. (Please, no additional ‘e’, ‘h’ or ‘s’ need be added to her name!)

Now, we all know that we, the Friday Fictioneers, do not like serials on this here forum, though we are good with recurring characters.  And, as per the rules, this one is meant to stand alone.  But! For those who wonder or remember (and I don’t expect you to), this is the next part of the “Seats 20A and 20C” saga…  A story, that I promise you, when I get my ducks in a better row, will be told in its entirety!

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©Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Genre:  True Story

Word Count:  100


No planes were taking off in the snowstorm.  Frustrated, we rented a car and drove from Philadelphia, PA to Newport, VT.

It was a hellish ride in the blinding snow.  A Ford F-150 driver, equipped with a plow, advised us the road ahead was closed. He suggested we follow him as he cleared the way for us, leading us to a town.  We were exhausted and needed to rest.

It looked like a snowy ghost town.

Heyyyyy, Isn’t this where we went camping a few years ago?

Just like that, I was at Jackson’s on the River, summer of 2010.



60 thoughts on “Middlebury – Friday Fictioneers

    • It was crazy! We couldn’t see one foot in front of us so following this guy was a godsend… And as we got closer to Middlebury, I recognised it… snow was halfway up the front doors, not a soul in the street…

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    • Ha ha Björn! Yes, it was déjà vu and we only stayed in a hotel for a few hours (with various residents who could not walk home!) before hitting the road again!


  1. Dear Dale,

    You’ve led an interesting life! Few stories will I remember…yours I do. Did that trip get wilder still? Love it. I can see why the prompt took you there.

    Thank you for leaving Wisoff as is. 😉



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  2. Finding yourself in a place from the long distant past is something I’ve been reflecting on recently. The resort where I’m staying this week is one I visited only once in my twenties; the town where I live is another where I visited in my thirties. Your story reinforces that coincidence. Well done. And I love your avatar. 🙂

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    • Oh, thank you, Sandra! Coincidences are wonderful… And thanks, I took a photo class and we had to do a selfie then play with it… 😉


    • So very funny. When we turned onto that main street, I was shocked. We had no idea where we were until then… just a white wall in front of us.


  3. What a great premise to find yourself again quite by accident. The resemblance of the last picture to the prompt is remarkable! I’m glad you made it home safely. Great to have you back. Great story, Dale.

    Liked by 1 person

    • When I saw the picture, I was immediately transported the Middlebury… Was surprised Rochelle’s pic was NOT from there! And thank you, Amy!


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