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The Meetup – Friday Fictioneers

Yes, it is Wednesday, so that means Friday Fictioneers time!  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, artist, writer, patient hostess,  has chosen our very own c.e. Ayr’s photo…

Don’t ask me why I went where I did but, I, ahem, went down a different path this week…

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Got some creative crit and decided it was well-founded. I re-wrote the story as a result… 

© c.e. Ayr.

Genre:  Fiction

Word Count:  100

The Meet-Up

It was supposed to be for a light lunch.  Neither was hungry, so they had a drink:  water for her, soda for him.

They sat at a table and exchanged pleasantries.  He asked questions, his gaze intense and she felt like he was reading more than her words.  She felt the tension build and squirmed in discomfort, feeling totally exposed, yet strangely excited.

Before she knew how, he made her feel things she never imagined.

As he left her, dazed, yet lit up, he said:  “You’ll see, this will play out in your head all day.”

He was not kidding.

56 thoughts on “The Meetup – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Man! He must have been some kind of guy to do that to her. Some people are easy to read and/or manipulate and then there are those who just like to toy with you. I wonder which camp he is. Pretty good stuff, Dale. 😉

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  2. Speaking as a mere man, I have not the foggiest idea what happened here.
    But it was exactly what I had in mind when I took the picture.
    PS I love your story, utterly incomprehensible, wonderful, baffling, terrific.

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  3. Was it something he slipped in her drink ? Most men I know say that they do not know what goes in a woman’s mind even when they look deep into their eyes…so I’m going with the drug theory 🙂

    Intriguing piece.

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  4. I don’t believe I’d like to have someone think they could tell what I’m thinking. It sounds definitely like a control issue. He sounds like he has an enormous ego. Well written Dale. You’ve created a fabulous character. He’d make the perfect antagonist in a thriller. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  5. He sounds too sure of himself. How foolish of her to allow him to do that to her, and yet … there are men who CAN do that sort of thing to women, and women seem spellbound by that.
    Great (if a little oblique) take on the prompt.

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