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Promises – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Friday Fictioneers time again!  Couldn’t quite make it for yesterday and today, I just had to enjoy the splendid day.  Zeke was most happy to go on one of our two-hour romps.  It’s amazing how we can compose a story during a walk, get home and… nothing.  Gone.  Could not for the life of me get it back!  Oh well… C’est la vie!

Thank you, Rochelle, for patiently hosting this gig week after week, putting up with who knows what to make it all happen so magnificently!  Thank you, J. Hardy Carroll for a picture that, I am sure, has made more than one writer think of train stations and bus stops…

Should you wish to check out the other stories, please, click on the blue frog where you’ll find some interesting takes on this picture, I am sure!

©J.Hardy Carroll

Genre:  Fiction

Word Count:  100



Yes, that’s what she’d call it.  Sounded much better than Waiting, didn’t it?

And yet, here she was, anticipating.  Again.

Who was she kidding?

She fell for it each and every time.

Why did she believe it would be different, just this once?

That what was promised this time would actually materialise?

That was was said was true?

I promise, we’ll do this.  I promise, we’ll go there.  I promise, we’ll start fresh. I promise…

Guess what?

She was no longer waiting for someone else’s promises!

With anticipation, she climbed aboard the train alone.

She would wait no more!


53 thoughts on “Promises – Friday Fictioneers

  1. How many times do we make empty promises to ourselves? Someday I’ll do this, someday I want to __, when I retire we’ll . . . .

    The words roll of the tongue easily, following through is a different matter. However, I do anticipate finishing this comment before the month ends.

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    • Indeed..comes a time where we can choose to watch life go by as we wait or we can jump right in and participate


  2. It takes courage and resolve to just do things for oneself and not wait for empty promises. She’ll be fine, she’s doing great.
    And I want to add that I love your new header, and that I can relate to walking the dog, having great plot ideas–all questions solved–turning on the computer, and: all gone. 🙂 Happens to me all the time.

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