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Self-Sufficient – Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers is here once again.  Rochelle has decided to take a summer break and will be sharing re-runs, which for me, who’s only been around for a bit over a year, are all new.  This weeks submission was suggested by Sandra Crook (love the choice) with photo supplied by Piya Singh.

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©Piya Singh

Genre:  Fiction

Word Count:  100


He’d always preferred the woods over the city.  Oh, he’d done his time in the hustle and bustle of the city.  He’d even held his own, to be sure.  Honestly, it was not where he was happiest.  Give him a cabin in the woods, an axe and his rifle – he’d make do.  Cut his own wood to keep him warm and cook his food.  Shoot whatever game he could find.  Plant a garden to provide his vegetables.  Totally self-sufficient. Could manage on his own.

Trouble with this scenario? He was no Thoreau. He loved people too much and was so lonely.


74 thoughts on “Self-Sufficient – Friday Fictioneers

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  2. Dear Dale,

    Sometimes I think I’d like to be a hermit but I’d have to have the internet. 😉 Nicely constructed story. I’m so glad you joined Friday Fictioneers. You’ve taken up a very special place in the past year.



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  3. I’d love to live like that, with fishing, not shooting, but I wouldn’t want to do it forever. For a few weeks, and with loved ones around, a way to call for help in case of an emergency–I guess I’m not a true hermit either. I love the realistic views of the narrator.

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    • I would like to vacation like that (I’ll cook what the other kills though) for maybe a week or so and yes with possible links to the outside world!

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  4. Hahahaha! Of course, you know, Thoreau only stayed for several months, then went back to living life, which is the whole point of Walden Pond. And obviously, the character got the point here, too … probably after the deer ate all this strawberry plants overnight then he thought, “This sucks.” 😀

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  5. I lived in a lovely wooded area near a lake and fifteen miles out of the city when I was growing up. The neighbors kept to themselves and my mother couldn’t drive. To my dad it was ideal. I was bored to tears. We moved there when I was nine. I loved the city where my best friends were. Like your character, it’s nice for vacations, but boring otherwise. Well written, Dale. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  6. If I had to feed my family, let alone just myself, on our allotment produce, we’d soon perish, once an army of snails, a few hungry birds, mice, and insects had done their work! Yes, there are things to forage for in the wild, but you need to know what you’re doing as a few wrong berries or mixing up of wild carrots with hemlock roots, there’s no running to the doctor. I wouldn’t mind a holiday in a log cabin with a fridge installed and a box of groceries I’d brought along in the car with me.
    Living in a town, I know it’s possible to be reclusive and wear a “do not disturb” face when need-be, but I like the feeling that there are people to talk to as well. I’d definitely start talking to myself if left on my own in a cabin, or take my dog with me and talk to her even more than I do already!
    It’s a well-written and thought-provoking story, Dale, that makes the reader reflect upon whether the “good life” would work for the majority of us on a long-term basis, who are so used to our comforts and companionship. When I was a teenager, disappearing into the wilds was something of dreamed of, but there was always a rugged, handsome pioneer of a man as part of that fantasy 🙂

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    • Yes, you and your snails! Maybe there are less in this area! I would never dare forage on my own (let’s assume my character knows what she’s looking for) and would definitely keep Zeke with me for company. Who am I kidding. I’d go stark-raving mad all by myself!
      Oh yes. Do include the rugged, handsome man, please!
      So happy you liked!

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