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Arrival in Tuscany – My Tuscan Trip

Well. So much for that!

I was positive I would be blogging daily, keeping you all up to speed on the happenings of the moment.  Didn’t take into account the 13th century walls being too thick for adequate WiFi!  As my Facebook friends told me:  “Don’t stress, enjoy each moment and tell us about it later!”

Guess what? Now is later 🙂  I have an hour to kill at the Firenze airport so…

*** Note:  it has taken me days to write this!***

The plane ride from Zurich to Florence was a mere hour and we still got a snack and a piece of chocolate.  No complaints here…

Got my bag, found a taxi and 22€ later, was at the Firenze Treno Terme where I got a ticket to the Chiusi-Chianciano Terme.  Having no access to WiFi and not being able to find the document Linda from Cook in Tuscany sent us, I had to rely on my memory for the ‘how-to’.  Well, somehow, I chose an open ticket with the milk-run operation instead of the direct one.  Ugh.  Almost two hours later….

I was so late, my hostess from l’Albero di Gameli called my cell to find out where I was.  No way I was answering that one!  I didn’t bother getting a plan for my phone since all the places I’m staying at have WiFi so I can reach and be reached.   Anyhow… A 10€ taxi ride later, I arrived in Chiusi.

The very beautiful Milena Mazzella greeted me by telling me that, had she known what time I was arriving, she would have picked me up… dang. 2nd time I could have saved a buck!

She showed me my room and made me a sandwich with a glass of wine which I had on their little balcony.  Her partner, Marco, then came out and kept me company, soon joined by Milena and her youngest, Iliana.  She then got the classic Tuscan duo of contucci (cookies) and vin santo (sweet wine).  Dip, bite, drink… yum!

My room was beautiful with my own private bathroom.  Truly a gorgeous place to stay.  Kinda wished I had a few more days with them.  Ah well, la prossima volta!

As if their welcome wasn’t enough, Milena and Marco like to to give a gift of jewellery made by Marco.  All the rings were too small or too big and they insisted I choose this lovely pair of earrings.  So very generous of them.  Milena and I have become fast friends and I know that if ever I want to come back, there is a place for me!

Lovely gift!

Lovely gift!

Tomorrow… I tell you about Cook in Tuscany!


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46 thoughts on “Arrival in Tuscany – My Tuscan Trip

  1. Nice article! I am going to Italy in a few weeks and am enjoying reading about your experiences. We are also going to visit the Balkans, including many wineries. We live in Napa Valley, California and are in the wine business, so we’ll be checking out local wines in Italy, Croatia, Bosnia/Herz, etc. You may enjoy our wine country blog: http://www.topochinesvino.com. Follow us if you like what you see.You may enjoy our wine country blog: http://www.topochinesvino.com. Follow us if you like what you see.

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  2. There’s something to be said for having a WiFi-free holiday. You just enjoy yourself, and we’ll be here when you get back. I can see that food will feature high on your list of things of interest about Tuscany. You make sure to write down some yummy recipes and share them with us!

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    • True… but there were times when I was just hanging at the home of the hour…
      Oh yes. Food definitely on my list of things to “report”! FB fans have already gotten a “tasre”!


  3. Wonderful tales of your travels. Your photos add so much to your words. I’m glad the absence of WiFi slowed you down to enjoy the little things. Whenever you surface I look forward to further posts. 🙂

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  4. I most certainly enjoyed your trip (not half as much as you did, I’m sure). Not enough pics for my taste, then I thought you might be posting more later. No problem.

    Wow! Tuscany and Zurich — pack the pizza and the lederhosen, we’re off to Ricola Land!!! Lay-koo-koo, lay-koo-koo!

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  6. Now that I’m back, thought I would start reading here. … and to think you milk-run journey caused you to have less time there! 😉

    BTW – The flight map feature on Lufthansa identified your town as we flew by … I waved and saw you wave back.

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