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What I Know For Sure – Friday Fictioneers

After a looooooong break, here I am, back at Friday Fictioneers.  I so missed you all and I missed coming up with 100-word stories for these past six months!  I could not seem to find balance.  The hours were long and weird so any time off was spent, well, off!  It would not be fair to write a story and not be able to read yours and respond to any comments appropriately.  I felt it best to come back when I could fully participate.  Now is the time.  The golf club I work at closes in 25 days, the hours we work are much reduced (thank GAWD!) and some semblance of normal is returning. For those of you who have not given up on me, I give thanks; for those who have, I totally understand!

So, without further ado, here is my rusty return! Thank you c.e.ayr for this photo.  It sure got me thinking!  For those of you who wish to join in with your 100-word story, please click on the blue frog to add your link.  To find out the hows and whats, just click here for Rochelle’s instructions.  She’s been hosting this here shindig for quite some time and is a fair leader!

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What I Know For Sure

Word count:  100

Genre:  Fiction (sorta)



©c.e. ayr


She sat, quietly, on the empty terrace, looking out at the water before her.  “It’s good to just sit still now and again,” she thought.

Her mind turned to the future.  “I wish I had plans as clear as the reflections before me.  Not a ripple, not a blur,”, she thought.  “No wondering what was next, knowing exactly what needed to be done.”

Then again, how dull!  What excitement was there in that?  If everything was planned out to the last detail, there would be no room for spontaneity, for surprises.

“That, I know for sure, is just not me.

73 thoughts on “What I Know For Sure – Friday Fictioneers

    • Dear Rochelle,
      So happy to be back amongst the squares. And thank you so much. Yes. I never could plan a dang thing…


  1. Yeah. It’s always nice to see your smiling avatar.
    Trying to predict my future is like staring at the Mississippi River after a big rain. But that’s all right. I just get out there on my Huck Finn raft and try to hang on.

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  2. A life without spontaneity would be a very dull life indeed. It’s good to read one of your 100-word stories after all this time. You’re setting me a good example, and prompting me to return to FF soon, as well. Like you, I haven’t posted a story for a few months, as I wouldn’t have had the time to read other people’s stuff.

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  3. Wow! Poetic in its way. Italy was DEFINITELY an inspirational trip.

    Five out of five memberships to R. Gayer’s Procrastinators Club (that is, if they ever get around to scheduling the meetings …)

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