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Organised – Friday Fictioneers

Yay!  It’s raining so I got cut from working today.  This means I have time to write and read!  Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, folks, a place where we we get a picture and have to write a 100-word story with beginning, middle and end, based on said picture.  Some days are harder than others, and some days you wonder where in the heck your idea came from.  The important thing is to go with it and see what happens!  This week’s photo comes from wonderful author, Claire Fuller

Rochelle is our hostess, who somehow, between writing, editing, fretting and living life, manages to take care of all of us.  Thank you Rochelle!  Should you want to join in the fun, please click on this link for the how-to!  Should you not yet be ready to write your own, click on the blue frog below and read other stories.  You never know, it might inspire you!

Word Count:  100

Genre:  Fiction



Me:  Babe, where’s the blue box with that doohickey I need?

Him:  Second unit, third shelf, behind the white box marked ‘Halloween’.

Me:  Honey, do you know if we have any more thingamajigs to tie the whatsits together?

Him:  Unit beside the freezer, second shelf, between the red and green boxes.  Can’t miss it – orange, your favourite colour.

Me:  Sweetie?  Where, oh where, did you hide the whatchamacallits?

Him: …

Me:  Babe?

Him:  …

Me:  If you could see the state of your garage today, you’d be rolling in your grave bottle.  Needless to say, I cannot find a thing since you left.


By the way… the reason I say bottle and not grave, is, well, that is where he resides for the moment! 😉

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74 thoughts on “Organised – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    In a hundred words you’ve captured the frustration, humor and emptiness of a relationship lost. Ever so well done. Glad it rained and you had time to write. (C’est moi? Fret?)



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  2. That’s so sweet and funny-sad, I’m smiling and have tears in my eyes. Next I’ll be sporting a rainbow! It was those ellipses that did it. Methinks you had a rather special relationship with that lovely man of yours.
    Beautifully written, Dale 🙂

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  3. That’s sweet, funny and sad. And I could cry-laugh about the bottle. My man is the complete opposite. He finds everything, but office, basement, garage… sigh. The bottle made me laugh. We aren’t allowed to keep the ashes here, they must go to a dedicated burial site.

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    • Good! Everyone knew he was a collector of Coca Cola stuff and he, himself told me to put him in there!
      Half of him has been poured into a lake, the other will ensure in the river near his favourite fishing spot. Just haven’t been able to get there yet. I’ve no intention of keeping him on my mantle indefinitely! By the way… not legal to pour the ashes here.

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  4. A post that captures the special-ness of a relationship that somehow still pulses with life….no easy thing to capture in the mind and put out in a writing. I really love your 100-word stories, Dale. You’re truly a master at this and I also very much admire your strength in adjusting and moving forward. 🙂


    • He was a collector. We had Coke s*** all over the house. He’s the one who told me the bottle was to be used as his urn!! I respected his wishes. 😊


  5. This dialogue jumps off the page in its realism. Clearly he’s still alive in you, and the humor and love is palpable. Lovely story, Dale! (ps: my mother would have liked nothing more than to be held in a Coke bottle! It’s brilliant)

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