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Friendship – Friday Fictioneers

Another week, another Friday Fictioneers.  As always, a huge thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, author, illustrator, and all-round lovely person, celebrating her fourth anniversary as leader of this group of characters.  Thank you to Peter Abbey for supplying a photo that took me back!

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Word count: 100

Genre: Memoire




Copyright Peter Abbey

We met on her birthday. September 18, 1981.  She had just turned 17.

How many times I entered the locker room to the sound of “Daaaaaaa-yo! Me say Daaaaaaa-aaaa-aaaa-yo!  Dale no come ‘coz she’s gone to French!” sung at the top of their lungs.  Roxanne and Caroline, long-time friends.

Somehow, it became Roxanne and me.

Never could I have guessed how deep our friendship would become:  love, heartbreak, marriages, births of children, death, heartache, divorce and laughter, so much laughter.  There for each other through thick and thin.

And then it wasn’t.  A fence went up.  And now it’s too late.  She’s gone.


61 thoughts on “Friendship – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Friendship, it’s an important part of our lives, it makes us laugh, it makes us cry. I often think of those relationships that I’ve lost but I always look forward to the new ones that come in and shine a light into my life. Thank you Dale for coming into mine XOXO

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  2. Dear Dale,

    Why do I suddenly hear Harry Belafonte? So much story in so few words. I know I’ve said this before, but you’re very good at saying a lot with little. Once more you’ve tugged at my heartstrings. Good job!



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  3. That’s so sad, Dale. Sometimes this happens with relationships and you can’t even work out quite how. But thought I’m not a big one for fate, sometimes people are in our lives when we need them, then we let each other go and that’s fine too. We can’t keep hold of the past. Lovely writing 🙂

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  4. Now, you’ve got me singing that song. (One of my favs BTW). I’ve seen the friendship train crash more than once. Sometimes due to something silly, and other times because they bound for distant depots.

    I loved the way you told the tale and let us share the laughter and the pain.

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    • Thanks so much Russell! Was so funny to walk in and hear those two nuts singing at the top of their lungs – others be damned.
      Yep. Circle of life of sorts…


  5. That’s exactly how it can be, and you describe it so vividly. And then it wasn’t… yes, that happens. Burning bridges sometimes is necessary even if it is painful. Great story, Dale.

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  6. As you know, I’ve written a bit about this, and get it. It never gets easy, seeing a friendship die. So much bleaker than some other losses, for the senselessness of it all. Sorry you have been there too, Dale. xo

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    • I should think any of us who have a few years under out belt, and have been lucky enough to have friendship in the first place, must have felt this to some extent…
      Right back at ya! xoxo

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