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Can’t Hurt To Look – Friday Fictioneers

The day is grey and Zeke will have to wait for his walk.  I’m still not convinced the weatherman is telling the truth and no rain shall fall…  Until I am convinced, I much prefer to write my interpretation of this photo below, supplied by Jean L. Hays (please, only use her photo for this exercise and none other and give credit where it is due) and offering so many possibilities, than to take my chances.  I sincerely hope you don’t mind that I again went the dialogue route.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the leader of this group, and a fabulous one at that, and should you be interested, click on her name for the rules and regs. and, if you just want to read other variations on this theme, click on the blue frog! 


Copyright © Jean L. Hays

Word count:  100

Genre:  Fiction

Can’t Hurt To Look

They drove along the famous Route 66, a comfortable silence between them.  They spotted it at the same time.

“Oh damn,” she thought, here we go again!”

“Oh look!  Maybe they have something interesting!” he exclaimed, pulling over.

Resigned, she followed him.

“Babe, there isn’t even one single Coca Cola item outside.  What makes you think there will be anything interesting within?  I should think if they had anything of worth, it would be displayed.”

With a grin, he led her inside.  “Sometimes you just have to do a little digging to find that special something.

“I found you, didn’t I?”


98 thoughts on “Can’t Hurt To Look – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Oh Dale!

    What did I tell you? The last line is a killer. I could hear and see these two. Full of life, humor and pathos. Well done.



    PS Things do go better with Coke, don’t they? 😉

  2. Super fine story, Dale. Rochelle, her husband Jan and I went to Branson in August and stopped for Osceola cheese. YUM! You should have come. Better than that boring trip to Tuscany all by yourself. 😉

    • Thanks Torrie! I wasn’t going to go there but man…do you know how many of these little joints I have had to visit to find that special Coke item? 😂

  3. Boy, this brings back nightmares. Connie can spot flea markets, antique sales, and junk stores 2 miles away–and insists on stopping at every one. Of course, occasionally she finds a treasure (like moi).

  4. Ahhhh that’s a nice one. I love that last line. What a feel good piece. A lovely relationship… he’d better buy her a coffee later tho, i get the feeling she’d need something for the constant stopping

  5. Awww …. the last line sounds like something my hopelessly romantic hubby would say. I LOVE this story, Dale. It exemplifies the Ying and Yang of relationships. Super interpretation of the photo prompt.
    Have a nice weekend …
    Isadora 😎

  6. Hi Dale, It’s been a while since I visited and what a great time to visit. I loved your story and could picture a couple of friends having a similar discussion. 🙂

    I’m with you on the weather. I took a chance to take a walk during a break in the rain and paid for it by getting soaked before getting back home.

  7. Loved the give and take in the story and how comfortable they were with each other. I was a little confused as to who said the last line, I think you’re missing a quotation mark.

  8. I would stop everywhere if I could get away with it, but I would then have no time to read and write, let alone get a coffee. Great story. Mike

  9. You never know when you might find that chink of gold amid the dirt! Terrific last line and loved the relationship too – sounds like a strong couple you have there 🙂

  10. That last line of yours is very popular around here! It’s a sweet story. I like to read it as him having rescued her from drudgery in order to love and cherish her to the end of time. So romantic.
    As well written, as ever. …Practicing for that future novel, perhaps, Dale?

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