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Flooding the Internet With Gratitude

50 Happy Things I’m Grateful For in 2016

I follow Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and her blog Addicted to Purple and she took on Dawn Landau from Tales of the Motherland’s challenge that she took on from… well, you get the picture.  Actually, it was originally a “50 Things That Make You Happy” that evolved into a “50 Things that Make you Grateful” because, as those of us Gratitude Practitioners know, being grateful brings happiness and vice-versa. As I write this… I realize that I participated in a happy challenge in 2015!  Seriously, Dude.. where is YOUR memory? (she says to herself…)

OK… Enough blah, blah!  If you want the official rules and regs, I would click on Dawn’s link as she gets into the nitty-gritty.  But basically, get ready, put a timer on for 15 minutes and write away 50 things for which you are grateful and/or that make you happy.

To join us for this project: 1) Write your post and publish it (please copy and paste the instructions from this post, into yours) 2) Click on the blue frog. 3) That will take you to another window, where you can past the URL to your post. (folks have trouble with this, but it’s not that hard. 4)Follow the prompts, and your post will be added to the Blog Party List. The inLinkz will be open until January 3, 2017

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50 Things I’m Thankful/Grateful For That Make me Happy, in no particular order…

  1. My children Iain and Aidanimg_2223
  2. Snow at Christmas
  3. Having a roof over my house
  4. My dog Zekeimg_2666
  5. Friday Fictioneers
  6. My sisters Lisa and Tracysisters
  7. The blogosphere and the friends that I have made.
  8. Mom, who is always there when we need hermom
  9. Running water
  10. Being able to drive to where I want to go
  11. Tuscany – and me finally getting to go there!2016-09-06-09-17-43
  12. Milena from L’Albero Gameli for making my first night in Tuscany so memorable20160904_104102-2
  13. Linda and George for creating Cook in Tuscany
  14. Facebook which has allowed me to not only find people but keep in touch with them
  15. Sunflowers!20160905_092511
  16. My almost 20 years with Mick which has given me so many stories to write aboutmick&dale
  17. Living in a place that enjoys all four seasons
  18. Summerimg_20160710_180901
  19. Springimg_2608
  20. Winterimg_1920
  21. Fallimg_20161102_144642
  22. My eyes, for allowing me to be able to read and see the world
  23. Running into an old friend in the middle of Montefollonico20160909_150608
  24. My job that I never thought I’d like, much less be good at
  25. The fact I don’t have to work this winter, unless I really want to
  26. Flannel sheets in winter
  27. Air conditioning in Summer
  28. Heating in Winter
  29. Boucherville – home town and where I find much blissimg_20161230_104959_451
  30. Frank – because he is going to ask me why is not on the list
  31. My smile – I have to accept it as good as it is always commented on!dale-2016
  32. The fact my boys are starting to do things on their own just because and not because I asked!
  33. My lack of allergies.
  34. My cooking skillsimg_20161106_173503
  35. Circle of friends
  36. Photography, which allows me to express myselfimg_20161230_104523_294
  37. Resilience – to overcome obstacles
  38. Laughter – the best sound ever
  39. My independence
  40. Coffeeimg_20161230_123709_669
  41. Brothers-in-law for all the ways they help me out
  42. Smell of fresh cut grass
  43. Scent of petrichor
  44. Summer rain
  45. Big fluffy snowfall any time in winterimg_20161230_101837_054
  46. Warm clothes to be able to play in the snow
  47. Pools and lakes and oceans in hot weather2016-03-08-13-21-30
  48. Good glass of wineEverything is better with wine
  49. Fireplaceimg_20161211_010246
  50. Love – the possibilities of it

Now, this is quite the random list, and that’s okay.  It’s what it is supposed to be!  I could have cheated and changed some of my answers but I followed the rules and added the pics later… days later.  I wanted this out before midnight and I’ve got three minutes to post!



42 thoughts on “Flooding the Internet With Gratitude

  1. Dale, I’m SOOO happy that you actually made a list and joined in! I was so hoping you would. Love the many and varied things you added here… many of which remind me that there are so many more things that make me happy! Now, send me your email and let’s get your post up on the blog hop!! I want everyone to enjoy it! All the best in New Years, lovey. xo

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  3. Dear Dale,

    I’m glad you finally made it to the Happy Party. You are one of those people I’ve so enjoyed over the past year. I enjoyed your list as I enjoy your friendship.

    Shalom and Happy New year,


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    • Wrote the list days ago…took me forever to finish it! The pertying up part! You are to me as well. How lucky to have found each other in this crazy blpgosphere!


  4. Woo hoo …. I made it! Simply an honor to be there! 😀

    Regarding the other 49, well done because you focused on the ordinary things of life. Well done … and Happy New Year to you … and may your 2017 be filled with goodness.

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    • Yes, you did! 😉
      That was the point – for me – to focus on the little and ordinary, though there were some extraordinary I’m there too (Tuscany?)
      Thank you and to you as well! xo

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  5. Happy New Year, Dale! I loved reading your list. Laughter is a lovely sound. I may not do the whole list but wanted to mention squirrels as one of my top list items. They never fail to make me smile. Lots of love to you! tammy and cj

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    • Happy New Year Tammy & CJ! Of course your list would include squirrels! That goes without saying 😉
      We’ll you know I would read anything written by the two of you (speaking of which, why can’t I subscribe to your blog?)


  6. Your random list is wonderful, Dale. I only just found this in my groaning inbox, so am a bit late responding, let alone doing the challenge myself. You’ve made me smile. That Zeke looks so cuddly and warm. Does he allow you to snuggle up to him? I live with a cuddly large dog who thinks she’s small enough to be a lapdog, but I know that some dogs don’t appreciate cuddles — just a pat and a stroke, plus their dinner on time!

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    • Thanks Sarah! Took forever to add the pics but just so much more pleasant to read with images, don’t you think? I know what you mean about a groaning inbox…ugh!
      He’s not huge on cuddles. Will allow a hug but don’t think of resting your head on his side!
      Glad I made you smile!

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