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Why not this year, my dear?

I so loved reading this particular post, I just have to share it with you all! Kristine has said what I have started doing since last year. If we don’t start now, when do we start?


Tell me. Tell me again, dear, why this cannot be your year.

Speak to me of how good girls don’t claim the brass ring. I need a good chuckle.

Because yes, I will chuckle. Do you not know your good awaits? It awaits you. You feeling worthy of it. You having the skills to handle it. You with your beautiful insides carved by pain to hold more joy.

Why wouldn’t this be the year you leave the significant other who hasn’t treated you the way we all hoped he would treat you?

Why wouldn’t this be the year you publish that book to rave reviews?

Why wouldn’t this be the year you finally remember to bring your reusable grocery bags into the store each and every time?

(I have friends who accomplished the first two things last year. That last one? Forget it. It’s far too lofty even for the…

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