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Thoughts Become Things – Friday Fictioneers

First Friday Fictioneers of the Year!  Yes, folks, it is Wednesday so, confusing for our Newbies, it means we get our photo for our story, which most of us try to post before Friday.  Just to confuse.  This wonderful photo that made me scratch my head was provided by Sandra Crook, wonderful author and photographer.  Rochelle, from Addicted to Purple, our ever-diligent facilitator, writer, author, wonderful person, sure knows how to pick ’em!  I’m no longer indicating my word count because, frankly, I always make sure it stands at exactly 100! 😉  As for the genre… well… let us not give too many hints, eh?

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  • Did a little tweaking to clarify this was an exchange between father and daugter…


Thoughts Become Things

What is that incessant grinding sound?

It’s me, thinking!  Got such great thoughts you can hear me think!

You are so ridiculous!

No, seriously, my brain is going non-stop:  things to do, people to see, places to visit… anything but stay here on this dead-end farm.

There is nothing dead-end here, my dear.  We provide necessary food to our neighbours.  We are worthy.

Maybe, but it is so boring to me.  I’m dying here.  Same thing, every day.  Same people, every day. All old, nothing new.

He looked at her, eyes filled with sadness.  He’d have to let his daughter go.


70 thoughts on “Thoughts Become Things – Friday Fictioneers

  1. The contrast between the two is very impressive. You can almost feel the switch from hyperactive to laid-back with each exchange. Well done, Dale.


  2. I love it when a story gets one thinking like this one, Dale. It hadn’t dawned on me that she might be the daughter but now that I think about it wives and daughters can have very different perspectives, even if they do grow to become like each other eventually!!! Well done you!


  3. Sharp, distinct dialogue, that takes the reader back and forth. Love it, Dale! BTW: tried to edit my post, to include your name for #BloggersUnite, but haven’t been able to access edits. Gah! I’ll get it! Still stuck in Newark… hopefully I can fix it and then get on my plane!

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  4. “Fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly …”

    In line with the title, Earl Nightingale had a best-selling recording called The Strangest Secret. It’s about some 18 minutes long and you can find it all over Youtube. In it, he describes the secret to success — we become what we think.

    In the words of your own brand — “It’s Dale-lightful, it’s Dale-ishus, it’s Dale-ectable, it’s Dale-irious, it’s Dale-LOVELY.” MMMUUUAAA!

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  5. I bet after she’s had her fill of the “world” she’ll come back. Best to let her get it out of her system. And if she stays away then she probably would have had an awful time stuck on the farm anyway. Nice one!

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  6. When ones got to go ones got to go. I did. Later the something may pull her back, it did for me. Thanks for the memories.


  7. I left the farm and moved to town at age 18. Three years later I was back in the country, though not trying to make a living by farming. I couldn’t stand the cramped-up life of the city. You can take the redneck out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the redneck.

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  8. This is so well done, Dale. I can just see the sullen daughter’s face … that teenage pout. Such surety in her that things are greener on the other side. Always best to let them go, or they became like caged resentful lionesses, then when they do break free, too much damage is done to the relationship for them to ever want to return.


    • So absolutely true, Sarah. Too many times I’ve seen the extremely restricted break free and go wild first chance they get, to disastrous results…

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