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Fascination – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday already!  You know it.  Friday Fictioneers is here.  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields of Addicted to Purple has chosen a photo from a fellow participant and wonderful writer himself, c.e. ayr of Sound Bite Fiction fame.  Thank you to you both for your part in this week’s fun.  I admit to feeling stumped at first.  Then a most wonderful memory came forth and I couldn’t go anywhere else.  So, sorry (not really 😉 ).  No fiction from me again this week.  I can’t help myself.

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The boy was fascinated by trains.  Less than a hundred yards away, the train rumbled by several times per day, shaking the house, thrilling him.

Daddy would set up his old set from when he was a boy and they would lie on their tummies, watching it go round and round.

One day, Daddy said, “Let’s go on an adventure!”  The next thing the boy knew, he and his family were part of the rumble, watching the world whizz by.

How a one-hour ride each way could bring so much joy…

…what he wouldn’t give to go on one more trip.


A little show and tell, if you will… Aidan with Mick and the old train set; Iain, Mick and Aidan waiting to board the train and Aidan transfixed.

So many moons ago.  This was in 2003.  Sweet memories indeed!

99 thoughts on “Fascination – Friday Fictioneers

  1. When my boys were in pre-school (in about 1990), their class arranged a train trip with all the parents from Fullerton to San Luis Obisbo. We had a picnic in the courtyard of a fabulous, old library.

    Last train trip I ever had.

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    • You know what? That was my last trip as well! We went from downtown Montreal, to the western point of the West Island called Ste. Anne de Bellevue.


    • So sorry, Rochelle! Was not my intent… then again, you’re just a big softie! As these stories come to memory, I realise just how many little things we did that will remain forever.

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  2. Such a cute little family, Dale. And such a sweet story, too. What we ALL wouldn’t give for that one more trip.

    But, then again, coming home to your quick pasta sauce and spaghettini with Christmas biscotti for dessert (wine served AFTER the kids are asleep) would indeed be a true pleasure and worth the round-trip. 😉

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    • Oh my! How did I miss this fabulous comment? I was thinking you were dissing me and the whole time here you were. My bad.
      Ah ha!! Someone has been stalking me on YouTube, eh? Did you enjoy?


      • I was wondering why you didn’t answer.

        Yes, my dear, i have been watching you on Youtube.

        Did I enjoy? Oh … BABY! I’m a pasta sauce (and pasta) fiend. Nothin’ spells lovin’ than cooking from scratch. Spaghetti is one of my favorite foods, next to fajitas and quesadillas.

        The chicken stock looks great and I love me some good chicken stock.

        As for the biscotti, I don’t bake, though. I’d be like Wile E. Coyote with a rolling pin.

        My mom used to make apple jelly. I miss it. I like it better than apple butter (and THAT’S pretty good, too!).

        As for the video itself, it was a pretty good effort. All you needed was a better lighting set-up and a directional clip-on microphone to keep you from sounding like you’re in a bucket. But, all in all, a good effort. Mick was funny, I could tell, behind the camera! I usually did stuff like that when I ran one at work during a live broadcast.

        Come to Kansas and we’ll break open a bottle of Merlot, room temp. Don’t forget the goblets. 😉

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        • Thank Cuzzin Shelly for letting me know I had missed you! BTW, I saw yours too 😉
          So… you saw ’em all ‘cept the fruit cake, then! Glad you enjoyed. Yeah, Mick was a funny guy. Too bad we had to edit out Zeke licking his chops because I had tossed him a piece of chicken! Yes, we were just having fun and knew the lighting and sound was shite but still. It was just a start. We would have gotten better, I’m sure. Have one stuck in his computer that he edited but then the sound didn’t work. Eventually will figure it out.
          Assolutamente, I shall one day make my way out to Kansas – goblets in hand!


          • No, I saw the fruitcake, too. That was the first one. I saw all the vids. What did you do with that big ol’ chicken you made the stock out of? I need ideas. I live alone and I have to cook for myself and I would like ideas. I say you had a good start as for the video production. Most people aren’t that conscientious about their non-professional production values. You were.

            When you bring the goblets, we’ll cook in Rochelle’s kitchen. It’s modern. Mine is small … like from 1968 (as in there’s room for a toaster, a blender and a Mixmaster).

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          • Excellent, I shall bring four glasses, can’t leave Jan out, can we? Chicken becomes: quesadillas, chicken pot pie and/or à la king, lunch school sandwiches, hot chicken sandwiches, pasta with cream or tomato sauce, fried rice… endless possibilities!
            And thank you. We were quite the team. Mick only joined in when he saw I was serious because a friend filmed the apple jelly – which he then insisted on editing… then kept pushing me for the next one!


  3. The rumbling of freight trains at night would unsettled my youngest son, then we also had the wheel tapper on night shift duty. Memories are strange things. Ps I am a great fan of the railways.

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    • You know… after a while, we just didn’t hear or feel them. Only when guests stopped whatever to stand still and ask “What was that?” were we reminded the train was passing!


  4. I’m married to a train buff who spends two days every week working on old steam locos, so I know just how infectious that enthusiasm can be. And you captured that childhood magic in this, Dale.

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  5. Beautiful pictures Dale 🙂 We went across Canada with my parents in 1978 and it was a trip i’ll never forget..thanks for taking me back, love trains!

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