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Paths – Friday Fictioneers

Wednesday is here!  And golly gee whitkicker… ’tis my photo this week!  Thanks for choosing mine, Rochelle!  Woot! (It’s the small things that bring us joy…)  Thanks always for hosting, Rochelle Wisoff (no ‘e’)-Fields!

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©Dale Rogerson


Some paths seem longer than others.  Some last for 92 years and others only seven months, twnety-three days.

Some are filled with a lifetime of memories, both wonderful and sad.  Some are filled with so few, yet mean so much.

Some are so barely remembered, you wonder if they were ever even taken. Some leave an unforgettable mark on all who set foot on it.

Some lead off into many directions, filled with adventures.  Some are straight and narrow, leading to what seems only a dead end.

When I’ve reached the end of my path, I want to look back and smile.




I was sort of hoping this week’s picture (whomsoever it came from) would allow me to somehow bring up the twentieth anniversary of my firstborn’s death (January 17).  Not because I want to focus on the loss but because I wanted to honour him.  Austin was with us for seven months and twenty-three days so, there is the reference above and led me down that “path”.  Like his parents, he was a “Smiley-Joe” when he was home with us.


93 thoughts on “Paths – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I love the link between the writing (look back and smile) and Austin’s beautiful smile. May we all be able to travel along our paths and know that, while not all paths lead to anything that we might have imagined, we can still choose to smile. (Tears are ok too, and I freely admit I cry even for a sappy commercial!) Many hugs to you, Dale!

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    • My grandmother said that she reached 90 in a blink of an eye; while going through Austin’s surgeries and whatnot, time was excruciatingly long… all depends indeed.
      Glad you found the metaphor worked well!


  2. Dear Dale,

    If only I had realized this was the anniversary, I might have chosen a different photo. On the other hand, where you went with it was picture perfect. Sweet picture of Austin, too. I admire the way you can take your sorrow and spread joy to others. You have a gift, my friend.



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    • Dear Rochelle,
      I think it matters not which photo was used… I would have found a way to honour him.
      And thank you, I’m so happy to have this gift, as you call it.
      Lotsa love,

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  3. Okay, Ms DD, I was going to make all sorts of (supposedly) funny digs about your photo (surprised you were sober enough to point camera in the right direction), your typing (lack of) skills, and whatever else came to mind.
    Then I read your story, and was touched and impressed.
    Then I read your footnote and wept.
    Love and hugs, sweetheart

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    • Och! Ye Softie! And I’ll have you know I take lots of nice photos! And smarty-pants, I’ll have you know I’m an excellent typist…
      Glad you were touched and impressed and definitely did not want you to weep.
      Joy shall always prevail when it comes to me, mon ami! xo


  4. I had a feeling this was personal when I read “Some paths seem longer than others. Some last for 92 years and others only seven months, 23 days.” You put your heart into this piece and it packs a punch. Well done, my dear. Thanks for sharing.

    Love the picture, too.

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  5. Somehow I sensed that there was a deeper and more significant and personal level to your fiction. I’m very touched. Thanks for such an inspiring prompt Dale.

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  6. Thank you, Dale, for sharing the story of your beautiful son – what an amazing smile he had. A lovely, fitting tribute to him and you’re right – all we can hope, however long we have is that we can smile at the end

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  7. Your post is so real in itself, then tying in the personal application. I’m glad you take such a delight in life. Some folks would forever brood.

    You’re right — it’s all about our choices. Like everyone else, I have serious regrets about some of mine.

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    • So sorry, Laurie! I had answered this lovely comment and somehow it disappeared!! He was a happy baby – from the moment he left the hospital and was home with us – a lovely five months. No regrets at all.

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    • I am so sorry, Vivi! My reply did not post! Thank you for your lovely comment. He was a happy boy at home. I’m sure I’ll be looking back with a smile 🙂


  8. Austin may only have been with you a short while, but I’m sure he brought you great joy. He looks a little cracker in the photo. Your story does indeed honour him and also illustrates how important it is to make best use of whatever time each of us has.

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  10. A masterpiece of writing, Dale. I loved the way you crafted the journey. Exquisitely thought out story for you to incorporate with Austin’s anniversary. You have truly honored his memory. A sad time in your life taken to a place many can never get to. Can I say Austin’s smile is as beautiful as yours? Blessings and hugs …
    Isadora 😎

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  11. Lovely story, Dale. Thanks for the great picture leading to so many different stories. Austin was a darling baby. It seems those little ones are saints given to us for a short time to brighten lives before they return to heaven. —- Suzanne

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  12. Such a profound and poignant post, Dale. (The alliteration just came out, sorry.)
    We saw a play yesterday, “Constellations,” that was about a couple and their various timelines in parallel universes. And now, I’m thinking about that with everything. I don’t know if it’s a comforting or a frightening thought.
    Both the photos are wonderful, and he certainly was a Smiley-Joe. Hugs!

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    • Thank you so much, Merril! Alliterations as great, no worries 😉
      I know what you mean about parallel universes being both comforting and frightening!
      Thank you, he definitely was. xoxo

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  13. For how long something or somebody is going to stay with us varies but other than that…He gives and He takes back. That’s for sure. And whatever time this thing/person spends with us, that phase is our unique possession and a gift that no one can snatch from us. Like this lovely picture of your cherub is only yours. God bless this happy smiley soul.
    Your attitude is very positive and I also learnt from the comments of others.

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