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A Mindful Walk

The day was too beautiful to waste my time in a gym (and really, like I was going to go, eh?) or in the house, cleaning, so, why not go outside for one of our (Zeke and me) walks?  We were way overdue and hadn’t gone on one of our mega long walks in a long time.

I chose to go over to the other side the main drag (de Mortagne, for those of you in the know) which helps me get my 10,000 steps in.  Though Météo Média “told” me it was -9ºC, but felt like -18 ºC, I found myself overdressed.  I should learn to NOT to put on my thermal shirt under my coat unless the temps dip to -35ºC!!  Didn’t take long to remove the scarf and stuff it in my camera bag!  Taking pictures usually requires me to warm my hands between each shot but not today.  The sun made a huge difference.  That and the lack of wind!


As I was walking, I started thinking of my blogger/Facebook friends and how amazing it is to have connected with people all over the world.  People I have yet to meet in person.  People who have touched my life in one way or another.  People who graciously and generously sent me love when I needed it and who encourage me to try new things and challenge myself.  This post has become a sort of thank you to a just a few of them!

It all started as I was taking pictures of trees.  Suddenly I thought of Phyllis, because she loves trees!  We met through an on-line photography class, and I’ve followed the tenuous arrival and amazing growth of her beloved grandchild, Madeline.  What an inspiration they all are in that family!


I came upon some benches.  They were not the prettiest ones out there but benches make me think of Raye, a wonderful artist and writer, (though she doesn’t write much any more – much to my chagrin) that I met through another blogger, named John.  Raye’s writing grabbed me and next thing I knew, I was stalking her, reading every single one of her posts and leaving my two cents’ worth all over the place.  She played along and we found that we must have been separated at birth in one of our past lives.  We have been known to use another’s site for our bantering (right, John?) and have since become friends – by the way, RRR, we are WAY overdue for a Skype session, hmmm?


Speaking of John, I wish I had one-third of his photographic talents.  I’m working on it!  This Irish guy has an eye for beauty in the simple things.  Here’s a little something for you.  I was playing with the shadows… At least the blue sky was my friend 😉


Walking along, I came upon the little “bridge” in the middle of nowhere in Parc de Coutance.  Well, of course I though of Jean, another Irish blogger (methinks I may have met John through her, I could be wrong, but does it really matter?)  She is fascinated with all things bridge and not just the structural kind made of wood or metal or whatever but mostly the social kind between people, cultures, etc. No one, and I mean NO one loves her homeland as Jean does.  It just oozes through her words and pictures of her beloved Tramore County.


I was starting to enjoy myself immensely because my walk suddenly had a new purpose.  Well, purpose, that’s a big word.  Let’s just say I had made a game of it. Exercise, fresh air, great company and now a game.  What fun!

Photography has been a part of my life ever since I got my first Kodak Instamatic.  Remember those?  With the flash cube you added on top?  Fun.  I took one lesson at Dawson College and truly enjoyed myself.  I’ve been the “Kid Kodak” in my family for a long time (still am) and have the boxes of negatives and photos to prove it.  That said, when Joy  showed up… (The how I met Joy is a four-blog-hop process!  So.. Thanks Jessica for getting the ball rolling!) …and offered on-line photo classes, I jumped in.  I learned a lot through her and – no worries, Joy, I WILL do my classwork on the last one I signed up for.  My timing was shot, my computers were shot, the light was shot and next thing I knew it was over and done with.  But I’ve kept my lessons and will do them.  Promise.  PicMonkey has become my new best friend for editing photos and having fun with my images!


The clouds were making cool patterns and Janet, chef, teacher, artist, writer (another who needs to write more!) came to mind.  I would link to one of her blogs but, cannot. This link is a guest blog she did and truly gives a sense of who she is.  Her sarcastic humour is what got me at first and that was through her comment on another blog (please, do not ask me which one!)  Next thing I knew, I was once again a stalker.  We have since become friends as well and like to Skype for a good chin-wag when we can.  She is brilliant and I am lucky to count her in my circle.

I then was on a mission for the colour purple.  Figures. No matter where I looked, I could not find anything purple!  Ah come on!  How am I supposed to honour Rochelle? She’s the queen of purple.  Her blog is called Addicted to Purple!  I can’t use just any old image!  This woman has become my writing mentor and friend.  I was half-way home and thinking dang… I am going to have to play with the colours of something or other and make it purple!  And then… I burst out laughing!  Okay, I admit, I may be pushing it a bit but you gotta laugh, no?  Lucky for me, these little girls flocked to Zeke and one just so happened to be dressed in the appropriate colour.  So I used both.  Because.  It’s my blog.

Now I am going to cheat here as there is another I would like to mention.  That would be Sarah.  It is all her fault that I write haikus and am now a member of Friday Fictioneers.  Last Friday, during our walk, I composed a couple of haikus in my head – then dictated them to my cell because, frankly, they would be lost otherwise –  but didn’t post them when I got home because I was invited out and just didn’t take the time.  Sooo. we’ll just pretend the following was from today, okay?



And lastly, before you all fall asleep in boredom, I cannot write such a post and exclude Zeke now, can I?  He’s way more popular than I am!  How can he not be; such a handsome and faithful companion…



48 thoughts on “A Mindful Walk

  1. Missy D! Yes, way overdue for a Skype! Missing you, too in a fierce fashion. Things have just gotten so….so…backed up…not like a sewer problem but more a backing up or backing out, maybe? Hard to explain. We’ll talk. Soon. In the meantime….know I continue to do another set (think THIRD set) of 149 “crap” paintings…like Monet used to do and all those other famous artists who threw their crap paintings in the fire to keep warm. I can’t do that so mine are stacked in the basement and my house is now sinking lower in the ground. We’d better Skype soon….

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  2. Dale, it was as if I was on this walk with you.,.what a lovely day you had! I wish I wan’t sitting at my desk job and was out with you instead.. Beautiful visuals and fun to listen to your little adventures..see you this weekend 🙂

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  3. Dear Dale,

    The flashcube brings back memories. Delightful musings and I love the haikus, particularly your second one. I’m honored or honoured (both) to be included in your post. I so enjoy our (nearly) daily chats and occasional Skype sessions. You’ve become a great friend even though we haven’t met in the flesh. Thank you



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  4. What a lovely walk! Thank you. I needed a walk in the snow this morning. 🙂 I remember the Kodak Instamatic and the flashcube quite well. It was my first camera, too. I used to drive everyone crazy taking pictures all the time. I still do. 😀

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    • Well Robin, methinks we have a a few things in common! When I got back, I saw you had done an Monday Meander yourself! (Which I will be reading later…) 😁


  5. Saw this on my facebook feed, shared by a dear friend, Rochelle. Loved the tree photo, and as I scrolled down, loved all the photos the more so. thank you for sharing them, they really brightened this cold, dreary day in Northern Kentucky, USA. Love taking virtual walks through photos, especially in winter when I can’t get out. Always searching for sketchables…


  6. Aww, Madame Rogerson, you are so sweet to include me in your walk! I loved “meeting” your other online friends along for the walk, too. My Kodak Instamatic was the start of it all for me as well–with that nutty flash attachment that always made the pictures worse. So that’s where my hatred of flash began…it all makes sense now! 🙂 Merci, Madame, for the kind inclusion today.

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  7. I’ve already commented over at FB, but again I say thank you so much for the mention. A lovely thoughtful post altogether. And I’m very proud of you with those haiku. Having said that, I’ve plenty more challenges for you, Dale, if you’re feeling up to them. I’m not sure that you saw my guest post over at Bill Holland’s blog, Artistry with Words, but it’s about all sorts of Japanese poetic forms, so how about a “tanka poem” from you? 😉 https://artistrywithwords.com/2017/01/24/an-interview-with-poet-sarah-potter/

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  8. You are such a grand human being. You are a true gift in my life. What ever sprite was playing a game, it certainly didn’t realize how much we would enjoy each other’s company and humor. Such a lovely piece. Hugs!

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  9. Dale, thank you for the mentions, I seem to be acting as the link-up here – may be I should just call my blog “Meet and Greet”. Love the image of you on this post, it stands out along with the smile. Have to take my hat off to you and glad I might have been able to help in some small way. Keep on rocking in the same way…love from over the ocean, MM (sometimes known as John) 🍀 xx

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