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Miracle. All of It.

A thought-provoking piece indeed. Why can’t we be more like elephants?

Live & Learn


If you were an elephant living wild in a western city…

  • You’d have one two-fingered hand swinging from your face – a hand as sensitive as tumescent genitals, but which could smash a wall or pick a cherry. With that hand you’d explore your best friends’ mouths, just for the sake of friendship.
  • you’d smell water two miles away and the flowers at your feet
  • Grumbles from trucks and cabs would shudder through the toxic ground, tickle the lamellar corpuscles in your feet and ricochet up your bones…You’d hear with your feet, and your femurs would be microphones
  • As you walked 10 miles for your breakfast you’d chatter with your friends in 10 octaves
  • You’d have the happiest kind of political system, run by wise old women, appointed for their knowledge of the world and their judgment, uninterested in hierarchy for hierarchy’s sake, and seeking the greatest good for the greatest…

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7 thoughts on “Miracle. All of It.

  1. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for elephants, they are such interesting, intelligent and sensitive creatures..we could all learn so much from them. This is inspiring and lovely, thank you 🙂

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    • I got this from a friend,.who got it from another and I just had to share. It’s such a lovely text (the original text is longer and worth the read)
      So glad you enjoyed!


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