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The Punishment – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my reader peeps!  Friday Fictioneers is here and after a little bit of joking around last week, I decided to write something silly.  Hope you get a wee laugh.

Join Rochelle’s band of writers and give us your version of this image by clicking here.   Thank you Ted Strutz for a fun photo.  I probably would have taken this pic too!

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Genre:  Silly (I dare not say hysterical) Fiction

Word count:  100

The Punishment

He came to, bum numb and shoulders aching.  He tried to stand up but couldn’t. What the hell?

Oh, I see you are awake, my Scottish friend.  Comfy?

Why am I tied to this chair yards from shore? What have I done?

You kill or torture innocents weekly.  And you mock my typos. I promised our leader I was going to do you in this week!

Oh really?  And you choose this numpty way? You should read more of my stories for inspiration!  Besides, killing off people is not your style.

Well yes, I do know that.  But I promised.


125 thoughts on “The Punishment – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Chapeau, ma belle amie, laughing aloud here.
    I confess I forgot you this morning, although perhaps Grandma was subconsciously created with you in mind?
    But for now I concede with whatever grace a numb bum allows.
    Bien fait, ma chérie

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  2. For some silly reason, I’m reminded of the gameshow scene, “What’s My Perversion” in Woody Allen’s “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask.” There was a rabbi who wanted to be tied to a chair a whipped with a wet noodle (or something like that).

    As Kent would say, “Five out of five wet noodles.”

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    • So glad you liked… I’m thinking I should have included an alternate ending but sometimes, we just need to leave as is!
      We’ll have to ask him!


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    • There was a whole thing going on between Rochelle, c.e. ayr and me. We were torturing or killing each other off. Quite fun!


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