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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Time I Write More!


If we were having coffee, I would suggest you remain in your quarters and I in mine as I am suffering from quite the head cold.  I thought I had managed to avoid falling in the flu/cold trap, having stayed away from all who have succumbed, but apparently I didn’t need to be in an afflicted one’s presence to get it.  I cannot even blame my co-worker Jimmy as my sore throat started the day before we worked together on Thursday. Besides, Jimmy’s always coughing.  Oh well.   I will ride it out.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I so wish my eldest would get his friggen driver’s license (what is with today’s youth?)  so that I could send him off to the store to get me something to help me breathe instead of having to go out there – here’s where I wish I had a significant other who gave a damn… Again, oh well.  I am resilient, will go out there, bundled up, and get what needs getting.  Please note, I am not complaining.  Much.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how happy I am that Thursday’s banquet participants did NOT eat all the soup as we co-workers were able to bring home the left-overs.  Score!  What better to eat than soup (yeah, yeah, should be chicken noodle, but whatever) when one is ill?  There were six, I’ve already eaten one!


As I haven’t written a coffee share in a little while, I shall cheat a tad and move back to last Thursday (February 2nd) and share what I’ve been up to.  On Thursday, I was very sad to have to attend my friend, Richard’s funeral.  He was a lovely man:  father, fiancé, 2-dan black-belt in karate (which is where I met him) and good buddy of Mick’s.  If there is a heaven, then the two of them are already sharing a beer and reminiscing about their time on earth.

On Friday, I participated in a Skype session with Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and Sarah Potter, two lovely ladies I have met in the Blogosphere.  Both published authors, both have become good friends.  One over in Belton, Missouri, the other, way over in East Sussex, England.  How cool is it that we can chat, and see each other when we are so far apart?  I’ve read all of their books and will read anything more they ever write.  They’ve both been a positive influence in my writing and my dream is to one day count myself one of them, as in, a published author.  Guess I better get writing, eh?

Saturday was long-time friend Dany’s birthday so, as they (Dany & Giselle) had to cancel their New Year’s Eve Party due to the lovely flu, they decided to celebrate Dany’s birthday with the same gang invited originally.  What a fun time we had.  Great to have a garage that is warm and clear enough to use!  I don’t usually like to repeat what foods I bring but I made an exception in this case.  Dany had so enjoyed it over a year and a half ago at Martin’s party that I remade it.  Duck carpaccio (I prefer prosciutto) with pear, topped with Meyer lemon curd and cured red onions.  Oh my. A symphony in the mouth – Dany’s words!

Then on Sunday, I was invited for dinner at the Hébert’s, my departed friend, Roxanne’s parents, Renée and Michel.  I was so happy her sister, Linda, and brother and sister-in-law, Michel and Christine joined.  I stupidly did not take a picture of the gang so I’ll just have to invite them over to my place for another get-together!  I hadn’t seen them since Roxie’s death – well, not Michel and Christine, these two I joined for the viewing of Purple Rain after Prince’s death.  I offered to bring dessert which was an “Old-Fashioned Silver Cake” that I served with warmed four-berry compote and a dusting of icing sugar.  ‘Twas a hit and such an easy-peasy cake to make that I shall definitely remake it!


If we were having coffee, I’d say, I have to thank Janet for encouraging me to write more.  Janet is also a friend found in the blogosphere that I connected with.  She is a chef, writer, artist that I admire a LOT.  During this morning’s FB Messenger session, I was telling her about last Friday’s Skype session and that I was hoping that hanging around real published authors would rub off on me.  She said, maybe stop reading as much and give some time to writing.  Whaaaaat?  Of course.   I knew that.  I guess I have been thinking about it more than doing it.  So here I am.  After all my computer issues in November, my NaNoWriMo got cut short.  Nothing stopping me from going back to writing down my stories, right?


So that’s it for today’s coffee share.  I am planning on participating more.  This week is hostess Diana’s (Part-Time Monster) last week hosting her baby.  I didn’t realise this has been going on since 2014!  To read more stories, click on the coffee cup above.  Starting next week, we will be found on Emily’s blog Nerd in the Brain (Don’t you just love that title?)

I have been slowly been feeling more and more stuffed up so I think I shall make myself a nice hot toddy with some lemon, honey, ginger and a shot of gin.  If nothing else, I will care less about feeling so miserable!





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  1. I’m sorry you’re sick, and hope you feel better very soon. I’m also very sorry about the loss of your friend.
    How wonderful to meet up (via Skype) with some of your blogging friends/writers! I can’t answer the question about today’s youth, but can tell you that I didn’t want to get my drivers license and my youngest son was the same. I suppose some of us would rather not drive (and what an inconvenience that is, especially for those who love us). I look forward to reading more of your writing. 🙂


    • Thanks, Robin.
      And yes, so very cool to catch up on Skype.
      Man, I couldn’t wait to get mine! Independence!
      Aww thanks, I will strive to share more writing!


  2. So sorry you are not feeling well…we have been passing it amongst ourselves in my house as well over the last few weeks.
    My eldest (a boy) does not seem to have the urge to learn to drive either. Quite odd as I remember waiting with baited breath for the day I could get my restricted license! Go figure.

    Feel better soon!

    – Lisa

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    • So many families have shared and re-shared the lovely virus!
      Go figure… maybe we should be less accommodating in giving them lifts!


  3. So sorry to hear about your friend Richard. Amazed that you could Skype with a sore throat; you must not be the chatting type, ahem … Of course, I do hope you feel better soon 🙂 . And yes, start writing those books so we can start reading them!

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  4. Yuk on feeling lousy. Probably not Jimmy’s fault, but Obama’s is to blame. Sorry to see the news about your loss. Losing a friend is never a good thing … but that could also be Obama’s fault. Get feeling better!!!! … Oh … where are you working?

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  5. Dear Dale,

    As I read I’m downing my second cuppa. I really hope you’re feeling better soon. Colds are the worst.
    It was great to Skype with you and Sarah (for two hours!). So much fun getting to know other writers. I ponder the wonders of the internet. It can be such a two-edged sword. At any rate, I’m grateful for blogging from which I’ve added to my list of good friends like you. Thanks for the share.



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  6. Hi Dale — haven’t been over here for awhile and connected with you and sorry to hear you’re a little under the weather. Happy to see all that you’re doing — I like the ‘coffee share’ idea and Skyping. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Take care.

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    • Oh thank you, Corina! How so very kind of you! I am definitely going to try and yes, I do hope this bug leaves me soon…I’m still a wreck!


  7. I’m so sorry to hear of Richard’s passing, Dale. Another young man taken much too soon. Prayers for his family and friends.
    Feel better soon. Or at least get a driver in that family that can save you a trip when you’re not feeling well…:)
    Great photos of terrific looking food..:)

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    • Thank you, George. Yes another one taken way too soon (I’m so bothered by how many I knew who passed away at or about 50 years of age. Too many.
      Thanks..I think I’m in the worst of it which means I should start feeling better!

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